Issues of the marriage and family were the subject of debates of the extraordinary consistory of the Cardinals’ Collegium, who under the chairman of pope Francis, were participating in the debate on 20-21 February 2014 in Vatican. The Holy Father invited also 19 bishops to the consistory to whom he handed in cardinals’ insignia on 22 February 2014. In the beginning of the debates there was a discussion about the breviary prayer. Next dean of the Cardinals’ Collegium cardinal Angelo Sodano said welcome words. Pope Francis reminded that in his speech that the family is the basic cell of the society. In our reflection we will still remember about the beauty of the family and marriage, the greatness of this human reality, which is so simple, and also rich, which consists of joy and hope, difficulties and suffering, similarly as the whole life. We will try to reflect on the theology of family and pastoral ministry which we are supposed to conduct in the present conditions. Today family is neglected , harmed and it is expected from us to show how to create family well and truly, so that people would be able to create families; how much family is needed to the life of the world, for the future of humankind. It is expected from us to expose the wonderful plan of God in reference to family and help spouses in joyful implementation of it in their life in their own reality, supporting them in many difficulties - said the Holy Father. The listeners were impressed by the two-hour introduction of cardinal Walter Kasper about theological aspects of family. The German cardinal emphasized that family is a privileged place for new evanglization and a key to the future of the Church. Speaking about the situation of divorced Catholics, living in new relationships, he emphasized the necessity of being faithful to the Gospel, and Divine Mercifulness. During the extraordinary consistory 69 members of the Cardinals’ Collegium expressed their opinions. The Vatican Press Office informs that all participants were glad about the deepness of passed contents full of concern about family. In the final word, the Holy Father thanked all participants and expressed his belief that it is Lord who is leading the Church to undertake the issue of family Gospel and that he would accompany the Church on this path which started with the extraordinary consistory and its continuation will be the synod devoted to family, which is going to last for nearly two years. Pope Francis asked cardinals to pray to God in the intention of the synod and also him.

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