She was born in the year when her country had gained independence. Today, studying in Kraków Kasia Sorokopud is appealing: - I want every Pole to know what is happening in our country, at our homes! Because the gap between Ukraine and Poland is only in our minds.
She is 23. She came to Poland to study mass media management at the Jagiellonian Univeristy in Kraków. – I do not want people, hearing that I am from Kiev, say that I arrived from the country of the Third World and everything which I would dream about is marrying somebody from the Western Europe. Luckily, in Poland similar stereotypes did not appear, but somewhere else they did – says Kasia. And she adds: - I am Ukrainian and I am proud of it!

When we are talking, it is the end of January, in Ukraine there is a very tensed situation. I am asking Kasia about which we should inform in Polish media.

Not only Majdan

- In Poland and in the world they must know that this revolution is not only Majdan in Kiev. Protests are taking place in whole Ukraine: Lvov, Żytomierz, Czernichów, Połtawa, Czarków, Dniepropietrowsk – battles are nearly in all big cities. It means that the authorities are not able to, as they used to, divide us into the East and the West. It may be strange but the authority has united us, when it used force for the first time in order to chase away peace demonstrators. However, it was not the end. Terrible things are happening. Militia and functionaries of special divisions of militia Berkut are beating women, pensioners, are shooting to journalists and doctors. Activists of Majdan are disappearing in broad daylight. On Internet there appeared a shocking film. It shows militia and Berkut humiliating an arrested man. The man is naked, and functionaries are making photos with him. Only the Nazis were able to behave so. Therefore, I do not understand how many people must be killed in Ukraine so that Poland and the European Union would react.

For right to freedom

In Poland there are various forms of help for the Eastern neighbouring countries. Young people have become engaged, organizing prayer vigils and Holy Masses for peace in Ukraine. They also join collecting hats, gloves, sleeping bags, blankets or dressing materials and medications.

- Why, do you think, the protests in Kiev broke out? Do they concern joining the European Union or maybe something else? – I am asking Kasia. – Now the Ukrainians must fight for independence of their country. The centre of Kiev resembles a Turkish square Taksim in its worst times. Missiles are flying, one hears explosions, people are dying. Now the most important matter is defending human rights: right for freedom of speech and thought, right for development and right for independent life.

Opposing to violence

- Most of my friends are coming to Majdan. My sister with her husband and child was there, as well as my uncle. One of my friends comes there every night: he helps in cleaning roads from snow, brings things needed to protesters. When I read his articles about heroes of Majdan, I see that these are people at different age, sex, social status and professions – architects, doctors, teachers, engineers, journalists, musicians, sellers, writers, farmers, students, pensioners, invalids. They show that they are going to fight for the dismissal of those who are giving orders so easily in order to use violence against citizens.


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