In fact this is not a joke any more. We cannot pretend to ignore the gender ideology and we cannot give in to the media intimidation and softening. We must absolutely get to know this dangerous phenomenon, this destructive atheistic ideology which can bring catastrophic results with the silent approval of good and decent people. It may destroy our children and grandchildren, completely degenerate societies. We must be able to defend ourselves, because, as Fr. prof. Dariusz Oko writes in the book ‘Dictatorship of gender ideology’, published by Biały Kruk: ‘This is a fight for the spirit of the nation’.

The latest book of the publishing house in Kraków is extremely important and extremely timely because it is high time we stood up in a fight for God in our life and for all our values. Gender ideologists do not have sense of embarrassment, sow hatred, spiritual and corporal devastation everywhere they appear. The editor of the book writes: ‘They demand permission and financial support for biological experiments on the human being and sex manipulation. Both killing the unborn children and euthanasia find fervent supporters in gender ideologists. They attack everybody who dares to oppose to them, also the authors of the book know about it very well who present the origin, ideas, functioning rules and purposes of the gender ideology. Whoever wants to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to this phenomenon, or join a discussion on this issue, should get to know the ‘Dictatorship of gender ideology’ beforehand. Unfortunately, it is not a nice story – it cannot be so, if it has to tell the truth about the new ideology. The worst thing is that various politicians have found a justification in the gender ideology for their immoral life and they are trying to enforce this ideology. For this purpose, they use the authority given to them, through which the rules of the gender ideology are slowly being implemented in the European and national law. An average man does not know what the gender ideology is really about and ignores this phenomenon’.

In the book entitled ‘Dictatorship of gender ideology’, besides the text of the aforementioned Fr. Oko who leads an extremely important crusade in media against gender ideology, for which he is being attacked with the usage of the most wicked means and methods, there are also 8 other very important texts showing the whole horror of the new ideology. Fr. prof. Waldemar Chrostowski analyses it from the point of view of a Biblicist, stating clearly that sexes are a gift from God. He explains that in the ‘Pentateuch, being the stem of the Old Testament, we have very severe condemnations of acts and practices which are opposite to the essence of creation. It concerns condemnation of homosexuality – in the masculine and feminine sense – and copulation with animals (zoophilia), as well as various other pervert behaviours and sexual practices’. Archbishop Henryk Hoser makes us realizes the fact that the far-spread gender ideology: became a binding doctrine in all agendas of the UNO and penetrates into its all spheres of activity: in politics, economy, society and culture. The whole organized machinery is already coherent and started. A specific official language is binding which is used in documents and assumptions and projects’. A German sociologist and an expert of the issue Gabriele Kuby raises the alarm so that we would not allow for sexualization of children in our country which has already appeared in her country. Parents who do not want their children to participate in these classes at schools, are punished with imprisonment in Germany! The sociologist also describes standards of the sexual education in Europe issued by the World Health Organization (WHO): ‘The activity of the WHO and the whole sexual pedagogy are based on the assumption that the human being has a need of sexual activity from the birth and has a ‘right’ to it. Adults should stimulate these needs from the beginning and also discuss the sexual phases with a child at every age and create him/her a possibility of experiencing them’.

Dr. hab. Aleksander Stępkowski, a lawyer and political scientist does not lead us to any illusions that here it is all about a kind of science of serious scientific experiments: ‘We must say clearly that the notion of the gender ideology is connected with a project of social engineering which is incomparably more radical than the soviet project. Whereas, the whole academic staffage accompanying the category of gender should not blur our political identity of this category. What is more, it concerns a political project of unprecedented radicalism’. Leszek Sosnowski explains the difference between science and ideology and analyses views of Engels, because they are the source from which both the gender ideology and the extreme feminism come. For, a German philosopher did not recognize God or the family, or love, or marriage which he called ‘the most hideous prostitution’ (this is a quotation!) and he discerned a class fight in them – he saw men as a class of oppressors and women as a class of the oppressed.

In the book ‘Dictatorship of the gender ideology’ there is also an essay of a publicist Krzysztof Feusette about the influences of the gender ideology on the massed culture, the speech of Benedict XVI from December 2012, criticizing the new ideology explicitly and the Letter of the Polish Episcopate about the gender ideology in its full version.

It is not the first time in the history of the humankind when authentic madmen have been trying to take over the authority. The cultural revolution in China,, the government of Red Khmers, the October revolution, Nazism – these are the modern examples of massed genocides caused by ill minds and ill ideologies. Nobody called the ideologists of atheistic systems destroying the human being as madmen. Their postulates also seemed either fair (equal) to people living in their times or ridiculous. It was so till the moment when suitable laws were established and enforced, and opponents sentenced to extermination.

Today it is similar with the gender ideology. Germany has acknowledged homosexual couples, now there is a debate there about recognizing zoophilia couples! It is not a gloomy joke. We are in the same European Union and it is acknowledged as a binding law, it will also concern us! There are its first worrying signals, for example, the Scientific Group at the Institute of Applied Social Sciences at the Warsaw University wants to organize a Porno Day at this university, with workshops of making whips, and once respectable Institute of Literary Studies of the Polish Studies Academy is trying to open a way to zoophilia. In addition, they are doing it for the state, that is, our money.

There is no doubt about it. We must fight against the gender ideology definitely. It will not be done by the governing party, because it may lose some electoral clientele. So, the fight must be undertaken by the civil society. The book ‘Dictatorship of gender ideology’, illustrated with 72 dramatic photos, mostly by Adam Bujak, is not only a compendium of knowledge about the gender ideology but it is also an essential weapon in the fight against it.


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