A message to participants of the ceremony of handing in awards ‘Animus et Semper Fidelis’, granted by the Polish Marian-Economic Association named Eugeniusz Kwiatkowski, read out at Jasna Góra on 14 February 2014

Praised be Jesus Christ!

Beloved in Christ, participants of the ceremony of handing in awards ‘Animus et Semper Fidelis’, gathered at Jasna Góra on 14 February 2014.

With my priestly heart I congratulate the metropolitan of Częstochowa, Wacław Depo on this award, as well as Joachim Brudziński and Zbigniew Wysocki. These people are very meritorious for Poland – they are real patriots, meritorious for the Church because they defend Christian values and are fighting so that Poland would always be faithful to God, the Cross and the Gospel.

As a member of the jury which grants awards, I would like to do something more for archbishop Wacław Depo, my student from the RE education at secondary school in Szydłowiec and participate in this ceremony. Unfortunately, I cannot be present physically, because I have got cancer illness which is destroying my body very quickly. I am present with you, with my spirit from the Oncology Centre in Świętokrzyski province, where in the chapels blood relics of John Paul II and St. Father Pio are worshipped and adored so much. Such places are called sanctuaries of expiation to God for sins of the world by archbishop Zygmunt Zimowski, the chairman of the Papal Council for Pastoral Ministry of the Ill and Health Service in Vatican.


Thank you for your prayers for my health every day. I cordially greet the Venerable Jury with bishop Antoni Pacyfik Dydycz at the helm, the Pauline Fathers with father the general of the order Fr. Izydor Matuszewski. I also greet Fr. inf. Ireneusz Skubiś and his cooperators from the weekly ‘Niedziela’. I say: ‘Alleluia and ahead’ to the dear Fr. Tadeusz Rydzyk, persecuted by the government of Polish Republic and mass media hostile to the Catholics. I congratulate all my co-brothers and sisters from Radio Maria, Television Trwam and the participants in this feast on the victory in the fight for the place in the multiplex.

I give you a book as a gift entitled ‘There was such a Great Week’. Earlier I sent it to the prime minister Donald Tusk with an open letter but I have not received any answer till today. When one reads this book, it is seen with a bare eye how wickedly the authorities of the Polish People’s Republic were treating believers.

And what are the current authorities of polish Republic doing towards the Church, Polish Episcopate, priests and believers? We should call loudly like Peter: ‘Quo vadis, Poland?’.

I would also like to express my Credo towards the Venerable Group: I believe in Omnipresent Father God and the Holiest Trinity. Holiest Trinity, I adore you!

I also give a testimony of my faith to you and in Your presence!

I thank Lord Jesus that he sent me, undignified servant to the very difficult paths of my priestly life. I thank Him that I could fight in the defence of the Cross, even at the price of my imprisonment. I thank Him that together with the Primate of Millennium cardinal Stefan Wyszyński and cardinal Karol Wojtyła we were defending the unity of the Church in Poland, which the authorities of the Polish People’s Republic wanted to destroy. I thank Him that I could defend Blessed Mother who in the copy of the Miraculous Image was and is travelling throughout Poland, visiting all diocese and parishes. And for six years, on the order of the communist regime, by the decision of the Central Committee of the Polish United Workers’ Party, the copy of the Image of our beloved Mother of Częstochowa was imprisoned behind bars at Jasna Góra. As a faithful and devoted servant of the Queen, I freed the image with sisters of Blessed Mary the Immaculate Virgin from Mariówka – sister Maria Kordos and sister Helena Trentowska and Fr. Roman Siudek. Our Lady returned onto the route of visitation to my beloved diocese of Sandomierz where the Marian bishop was administering and today God’s servant Piotr Gołębiowski. Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński, the author of the Jasna Góra Vows of the Nation, defined it in a prophetic way that it is the most beautiful work of my priestly life.

Let me quote here two telegrams I received:

In the first one cardinal Wyszyński wrote: ‘I accompany you with a prayer when you are in prison again. I entrust you to St. Paul the Apostle who was often in various prisons in the name of Christ, I entrust you to all my guests so that they would support you in a prayer. I kiss you priestly hands with reverence…’.

In the second one, the metropolitan of Kraków cardinal Wojtyła, and the future pope of the universal Church wrote these words: ‘The whole Church in Poland, especially the clergy who are praying for priest Wójcik, who with his sacrifice and steadfast courage had fulfilled his priestly ministry towards God’s people in the parish in Wierzbica. We express our belief that he deserved recognition, not imprisonment’.

Nothing more, nothing less, but thank on knees to God! And, to my surprise, during a personal audience in Vatican pope Benedict XVI, holding my hand, named me ‘vero confessore’ (a real confessor) in the presence of the pastor of the diocese of Radom, today archbishop Zygmunt Zimowski, and also in the presence of bishop the nominate at that time, and today the archbishop of Częstochowa Wacław Depo, who said to the Holy Father Benedict XVI that he would always give a testimony of this event!

Beloved in Christ!

I believe that Poles are wise and faithful nation. Our country coped with invaders and communism -I am sure that he will also cope with liberalism and an attempt of imposing the harmful gender ideology on Poland and the world. However, we must suffer a bit for Christ. Only through suffering the Church and the nation are sanctified.

I do not regret this suffering. I sacrifice it for the victory of the truth, justice and mutual love.

Looking humbly at Crucified Christ, I sacrifice my suffering and the ill from the clinic in Świetokrzyski province as an act of thanksgiving to Divine Mercifulness for the gift of canonization of the two great popes: John XXIII and John Paul II – the alpha and omega of the Second Vatican Council.

Let the preparations for the World Youth Days in Kraków A.D. 2016 become mature through my suffering which I humbly endure for my Lord, and let Blessed Mother and St. Jadwiga give evangelical strength to beloved cardinal Stanisław Dziwisz whom I thank for his faithful ministry to blessed John Paul II and all the good.

I think that God and Mother of Beautiful Love – Mother of Priests will help me in my suffering because I have always been and I am still Their faithful servant and knight. Merciful and good God, and My Jasna Góra Lady and Queen, please, help me so.

I thank everybody who are treating me in the clinic under the supervision of the hospital director and a consulter of the Papal Council for Pastoral Ministry of the Ill and Health Service in Vatican dr. of med. science Stanisław Góźdź and those who visit me in the clinic and cheer me up, with the pastors of my beloved diocese of Radom – bishops Henryk Tomasik and Adam Odzimiek and priests and the believers also from my beloved parish of Suchedniów where I held my ministry for a few dozen years.

Beloved! And if God’s Providence decided to end my earthly priestly pilgrimage on this vale of tears – of which we must be aware and be able to be reconciled with – I address the words of the beloved Holy Father John Paul II to you, said in front of the Image of Our Lady in Kalwaria Zebrzydowska during his last pilgrimage to Poland: ‘I ask you: pray for me now and after my death!’. God bless you! Let God and Mary the Virgin bless you! Let it be so. Amen.

Your brother

Fr. inf. Jóżef Wójcik from Suchedniów

Kielce, 10 February A.D. 2014


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