Today I ask everybody in a special way, for whom our Homeland - Poland is very dear, for which many our brothers and sisters devoted their lives throughout centuries. Today we owe cordial care for our homeland and love to values which constitute it. I belong to the generation which was consciously experiencing the years of Poland under the communist oppression. I do not have to convince anybody that today we are in a very difficult situation: poverty and humiliation of people, lack of life perspectives, growing moral devastation. This all causes the situation in which many of us speak about our homeland in the category of a harm which we suffered in it. The Church is mourning on it and wants to help; indeed it has got only a pulpit at disposal, and very few media possibilities while it is necessary to face Philistine armed to the teeth, wanting to destroy a man and everything which is holy for him. But we also know that in history of Poland there were situations, in which when ‘the last lights went off’, there was still Mother of Jasna Góra. Here, for this reason, the Polish Episcopal localized the centre of rosary spirituality which is vibrant with prayer for Homeland. However, there is still too little prayer, the society must ask God more, asking Him for His mercifulness and help.

Therefore, we are undertaking an initiative of editing the supplement entitled: ‘Rosary prayer for Homeland’, entrusting its functioning and fruits to Mary of Jasna Góra. The need of the most popular rosary prayer for Homeland is in the hearts of priests, and laymen, who are shocked by what is happening in the country. We know what power this simple and trustful prayer has got. Mary – Omnipotence of supplication has listened to many nations, among the others, of Philippines or Hungary which started saying the rosary prayer and a new better situation appeared in the country. We need the prayer and determination. It is proven by examples of other countries, in which harmony appeared and today they are going toward a good direction.

So, our Polish nation which worships Mary, Jesus’ Mother in so many places in our country, must stand with a rosary in hands in front of the Queen of Poland in Her Image in Częstochowa and ask Her for help every evening at 9 p.m. during the Appeal prayer at Jasna Góra. Let this common fervent prayer unites Poles as well as the Appeal prayer does, like ‘Solidarity’ used to unite them, giving an example to the whole world.

‘Mother of Częstochowa, save us in need’ – we sing. Poland cannot die! It will not die if it looks for help from God.

Let Polish consciences wake up, let people be converted and changed. Because only then we have a chance to have our economy reborn, which seems to be completely destroyed, and it is the basis of our earthly existence.

My call for a great rosary prayer seems somehow the last call of Poland to Our Lady, similarly as scared Peter was calling to Jesus: ‘Lord, rescue us, we are drowning!’ (Mt 8.25). So – Mary, our Hope, rescue us, because we are drowning! Every day we drown both economically and morally. We cannot discern properly – bene distinguere’, we allow other for manipulating us and, consequently, we are falling onto the bottom. Let’s reject any kind of evil and take the path of Decalogue.

In this spirit we want to join this great work, which is the Rosary prayer for Homeland. Let Rosary lace be on our hands all the time, let the Rosary be in Polish hearts and defend Poland.


"Niedziela" 7/2014

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