The Holy See was surprised to receive the final remarks of the Committee of the United Nations for Children’s rights, presented in Geneva – stated archbishop SilvanoTomasi in an interview for the Vatican Radio, who is a permanent representative of the Holy See for agenda of the UNO in Geneva. On 16 January he was presenting a Vatican attitude towards the report about application of the Convention of Children’s rights. The committee of the UNO accused Vatican of using principles, which made it possible for priests to molest children, and called to make documentation of criminals and people concealing crimes available. In the document of the UNO the attitude of the Church towards homosexuality, contraception and abortion was criticized.

Archbishop Tomasi criticized the document and emphasized that it lacks a proper and updated perspective because in fact there were serious changes for the sake of defending children. In the opinion of archbishop Tomasi it is difficult to find such an engagement in defending children and the youth against abuses somewhere else in the world. – It is simply an issue of facts, evidences which must not be distorted! – he stated.

The representative of the Holy See for the agenda of the UNO in Geneva thinks that the form of the presented document was influenced by non-governmental organizations supporting homosexuality, that is, marriages of gays and other issues, strengthening the ideological meaning of the document


"Niedziela" 7/2014

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