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EU roost


In Brussels a new headquarter of the European Council in the shape of an egg is being built. It is nearly finished. It is to symbolize the power of the European Union. Its name is ‘Europe’. Some people perceive this building as a pear or a vase. Despite the crisis there are many funds for its building work. According to official data, it is to cost tax-payers, that is, all of us, over 330 million euro. Previously it was assumed that the work would be cheaper by 90 million euro. The building is to be the residence of the Representative of the European Council, at present it is the residence of Belgian Fleming man Herman van Rompuy, therefore, this headquarter in Brussels is commonly called as an egg van Rompuy. As it is publicly reminded in the European Parliament by the English euro deputy Nigel Farage, the chief of the Council earns more than the president of the USA Barack Obama, and van Rompuy hardly has a lot to do. The European Council consists of chiefs of governments and/or heads of EU countries and is not perceived by politicians as the most attractive institution. Real jams, or, golden eggs, as some people say, are in the European Commission. It is called the guardian of treaties, but, first of all, it distributes the EU budget. During seven years of the European Commission has been distributing the means of nearly one billion euro. They are assigned for both building roads and bridges and for ambitious authorship programs of the Commission in order to mention investigation and promoting eating insects (locusts, grasshoppers, etc.), for which a small amount of 3 million euro was assigned, as well as for implementing special regulations concerning an amount of water in flushing toilets and urinals which cost tax-payers 89 thousand 300 euro. The Commission has a legislative initiative of whose prerogatives the European Parliament is deprived. Whereas, 750 euro-deputies elected in 28 EU countries ratify the budget and care about its discipline. Without a consent of the Parliament, it is impossible to appoint a chief of the European Commission and the whole membership of the commission. Indeed the role of the European Parliament has increased significantly since the implementation of the Treaty of Lisbon, but it does not have an influence on the legislative fantasy of the Commission which touches nearly all spheres of life of citizens in Poland and the Union. For example, the directive of breeding hens appeared with a big echo, especially when defining parameters of their hutches, in which a device for claws abrasion should be placed. As a result of implementation of this directive, the price of eggs in Poland increased by 30 per cent. The EU eggs are more expensive, both the big egg being built for the European Union and the eggs laid by ordinary hens.


"Niedziela" 8/2014

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