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The European Parliament, during a debate on 4 February 2014 in Strasburg, accepted a resolution in which it supported lesbians, homosexuals, bisexuals, transsexuals and inter-sexuals, called LGBTI, discriminated in the EU countries. As the resolution states, the authorities in the EU countries, on the one hand, should definitely counteract the so-called homophobia, but, on the other hand – they should introduce a range of privileges for the above-mentioned sexual minorities, including the rights for contracting marriages and adoption of children. The document calls for a mutual recognition of legal consequences of couples – including homosexual couples – in all EU countries. It means that, for example, in Poland we will have to amend the Constitution and provisions of the family law, in order to consider the demands of homosexuals.

What is more, the resolution also postulates that the World Health Organization (WHO) should remove the disorders of sexual identity from the catalogue of psychic disorders, and it postulates punishing people who proclaim critical opinions towards the above-mentioned sexual minorities. Brussels will particularly check what health policy a particular country is pursuing towards homosexual people: it concerns providing them with over-standard medical care.

That is not all. The governments of EU countries should elaborate an action plan to protect people of LGTBI in various spheres of life, like employment, education or social care. EU countries are obliged to create suitable administrative institutions which will guard special rights granted to sexual minorities. In Brussels seven EU agencies will be permanently dealing with investigating this problem in every possible aspect: human rights, refugee policy, employment, social and educational policies, and even foreign policy. The agencies will have community funds intended for various non-governmental organizations, connected with the community of LGBTI. In one word, homosexuals and other similar people were guaranteed an easier access to EU means for realization of the equality policy.

All requirements of the above resolution definitely are beyond the treaty competence of the EU, therefore, for the time being, they have no legal status, but they remain dangerous in the hands of the national ministers for equality matters, who want to implement this ‘good advice’ of Brussels, especially that the argument are financial means coming instead. Hence, it was not accidental that gender studies had appeared in universities, kindergartens of equality, in which our children are sexually distorted for money from Brussels, and also many associations are functioning for the EU money, and, in fact, groups of sexual educators (demoralizing people) thoughtlessly invited to schools.

The mentioned resolution was supported by 394 euro-deputies, 176 opponents, and 72 refrained from voting. Among the others, the ‘Christian’ group of European People’s Party, including the Civil Platform and the Polish People’s Party, was voting in favour of this document. All euro-deputies of the Law and Justice party and Solidary Poland party opposed to it. In the opinion of the euro-deputy Ryszard Legutkiz from the Law and Justice party, the resolution ‘is a miserable illustration of the ideological fanatism. (…) Homophobia is today a stick, which is used by the fanatics to attack all those who dare to oppose them’.

Sexual minorities have always demanded new privileges, accused others of persecuting them but they do disgraceful things themselves: recently one of such groups has profaned a church of St. Magdalena in Paris. Members of the group – ‘performed a scene of abortion and urinated on the stairs of the altar’. In another case a group of hooligans – lesbians attacked a Belgian archbishop during his lecture at the university in Brussels. Nobody has been punished so far. Whereas, if somebody is publicly criticizing the so-called homosexual married couples, he is slandered and sued to the court.

I ask: why won’t the European Parliament deal with the defence of the profaned long-existing institution of marriage and family? Why does the European Parliament puts societies in conflict by giving privileges to immoral groups and people who want to impose their life vision on the whole humankind through the law amendments? Why did euro-deputies ignore the big protests which had taken place against passing this resolution in many capital cities of Europe, among the others, in Warsaw, Madrid, Paris, Brussels and Rome?

The answer is simple and clear: in Brussels the gender ideology has triumphed in which our biological sexes do not have any significance, whether we are men or women, but our sexual preferences are the most important. It means that according to the gender ideology we are not women or men, but we are homosexuals, lesbians, zoo-philes, necro-philes pedophiles, heterosexuals, transsexuals. Being freed from the innate identity, from faith, culture and biology, we will, instead, decide with whom we want to have a sexual intercourse.

Even a ‘peasantlike’ philosopher will say that it is an idea of perverted insane people, who are ill out of their hatred to the family, motherhood and fatherhood.


"Niedziela" 7/2014

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