The report of the sociologist prof. Marek Regnerus, arousing fervent discussions, concerning the analysis of American investigations on adult children brought up by parents living in homosexual couples, available so far fragmentally thanks to works of journalists, can be read wholly in the scientific quarterly ‘Fides de Ratio’ 4 (16) 2013, published at the University of Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński. The publication of the report in 2012 in a prestigious scientific magazine ‘Social Science Research’ cause an avalanche of slanders at the scientist. And all this because the results of widely-ranging researches on homosexual groups are contradictory with the previous knowledge about bringing up children in single-sex couples.

The fact that the previous research on this issue led or supervised people of homosexual tendency, and a choice of an attempt was far from methodological methods required in social teachings, did not shock anybody. And there were some things to undermine: too small, non-representative attempts of the surveyed (30-60 people), a tendentious exemplary selection (most surveys were conducted among rich, educated white lesbians and children brought up in their partnership couples), lack of a controlling group consisting of biological families, unlawful generalization. In the name of political correctness there were stifled investigating attempts diverging from requirements of the American Psychological Association, dominated by homosexuals which was controlling this sphere of scientific interest.

Research of prof. Regnerus concerned 3 thousand Americans aged 18-39. They were divided into 8 groups. Two of them comprised respondents brought up by couples of lesbians and gays. The controlling group comprised respondents coming from permanent families with heterosexual parents. The results of the research overturned the previous ‘knowledge’ on children brought up in single-sex couples, which assumes that there are not any differences between children brought up in single-sex couples and biological families and the results shocked the scientific group. Prof. Regnerus had to subdue to the procedure of verification of methodological correctness of research and homosexual lobby started insist that scientific groups should publish the report. However, the pressures did not stop even when accusations were rejected by the commission appointed by the indigenous university of prof. Regnerus, dealing with investigating reliability of his research. Neither did voices of scientists, who were publicly defending the sociologist, help.

And what exactly shocked opponents of prof. Regnerus? The latest research shows that adult children of homosexual parents have more problems with law than children brought up in complete families – with heterosexual parents, they take drugs, have more emotional problems and suicidal thoughts, and also use psychological help more frequently. The surveyed of the group also have problems in their own set up families – a significant number are marriage betrayals, which is typical for homosexual groups, characterized by often change of partners.

However, what is more shocking, are data concerning sexual experiences of children brought up by homosexual parents and their partners and their sexual identity. 31 percent of children brought up by lesbian mothers and 25 per cent of children brought up by gay fathers said that they were forced to sex by parents against their will. Approximately, every third child brought up by homosexual couples will grow up into a homo- or bi-sexualist.

It is difficult to say how the results will influence the change of awareness of the governing granting homosexual couples a right to adopt children. The LGBTQ lobby is persistently trying to influence the awareness of politicians, lawyer and judges, who decide about homosexual people’s rights. In surveys evaluated by these groups, social problems connected with education, unemployment, crime, drug-taking or single parenthood are omitted, which worry people brought up in homosexual groups. Because the research of prof. Regnerus also comprised children from patch-working, adoptive, divorced families, living in concubinage and brought up by one parent, it is also worth looking at their results showing how upbringing in such families influences the development of the youngest. The report of Regnersu clearly defines the supreme value of upbringing in a stable complete family with heterosexual parents. Children from these families gained the best results in research of Regnerus, in the sphere of psychological and social development.

The research of prof. Regnerus gives a tool in discussions about such essential matters as upbringing and education of the youngest. Today we cannot say that equality education does not influence the sexual identity. Nobody should be deprived of human dignity, and natural development processes of the young generation should not be disrupted, because it will not bring anything good either to the society or those who are interested in this issue.

The report from the research of prof. Marek regnerus ‘How different are adult children brought up by homosexual parents. Conclusions from the new research of family structures’ was published in the ‘Social Science Research’, 41 (2012), p. 752-770. Translated and commented on by dr. Andrzej Margasiński can be found on:


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