How does the current system in Ukraine differ from the Bolshevik system? Communists were committing crimes in the name of the ideology. The system of Wiktor Janukowycz is proceeding exactly in the same way, following the criminal logics. The authority of the country was grabbed nearly in an open way. All possibilities of the democratic and compatible with law way of solving conflicts were blocked. The country behaves like a terrorist who is taking hostages and puts a knife onto their throats. The basic purpose of the governmental team is keeping the authority. In 2004 Janukowycz said a sacramental sentence: ‘Nobody will take away the authority from us’. In order to achieve this purpose, in 2010 an authoritative governmental structure was introduced – as if the democratic one for the usage by the West and truly dictatorial towards its own people.

Thanks to suitable manipulation, Janukowycz gained an apparent image of ‘a pigeon of peace and in a suitable moment he could pass a suitable message to the West. He was astonishingly successful. Apart from it, the Ukrainian opposition, with its ruthless aiming at parliamentarism and democracy was only a toy in the hands of bandits who stated after another deception that they had deceived their opponents again.

Because the tactics of imitation and deception was so successful that who would like to resign from it? Even on the days of the brutal confrontation with the nation in Ukraine we deal with the same arm of the system. ‘I invite representatives of all political groups, clergy, representatives of the civilian nation to undertake a national dialogue. I am personally ready to participate in the meetings of the Round Table – Janukowycz presented this statement, intending to disorientate the West. And he succeeded because the West believes in words.

Therefore, the Ukrainian prime minister Mykoł Azarow stated proudly on television ‘Rossija 24’ that the latest events in his country cannot cause applying American sanctions towards the Ukrainian authority: ‘I am not analyzing this issue seriously, because our relationships, also with the United States are strategic and far-reaching, so the one-time event concerning the current situation in Kiev – in my opinion – is not a significant reason for discussing this issue’.

In fact, all meetings of the Round Table which were held in the two last months, became only a grotesque ceremonials. For this reason, various people decided to face it by force, referring to the Introduction of the General Declaration of Human Rights. Today, when people are killed in barricades in Kiev, we address a question to our western neighbours: Do you remember the Introduction to the Declaration? Do you agree with the fact that ‘human rights should be legally protected so that nobody would have to use revolt as the final remedy against tyranny and repression’?

Will we have to listen to the statement on ‘democratically elected president’ today – as if Europe never had an occasion to get to know the earlier Reichsfuhrer (leader of an empire) of Germany – also elected democratically?

For now, I was speaking only about the Ukrainian system, like analyzing a way of its functioning without considering the influence of Kremlin and this is like analyzing trajectory of the Moon, not considering the gravitation.

Today Ukraine is simply seized by agents of the Russian Federal Safety Service who are carefully implementing a thoroughly elaborate plan of Putin. It is based on the following directives:

- Destabilize the situation in Ukraine in such a way, so that ‘blind’ riots would start, and there would be the end of democracy and the ‘orange danger’ of Russia. In the case of difficulties of implementing this plan, it is necessary to ‘stretch out a brotherly hand to Ukrainian people’, sending there an army or divide the country.

- Discredit the system of Janukowycz and replace him by Wiktor Medwedczuk,’the governor for the time of crisis’ who has always submitted evidence of his loyalty towards Kremlin.

Looking straightly into Putin’s eyes, one sees only one thing – evil. His logics is inscribed in the post-Versailles feeling of humility and need of taking revenge in order to return ‘greatness and glory’ of Russia and cause a new division of the world.

The role of a ‘geopolitical pretext’ which in 1939 allegedly belonged to ‘fascist’ Poland, today allegedly belongs to ‘nationalist’ Ukraine, which in the eyes of Putin is not even a country, but only a ‘territory’. So, it should disappear from the map of the world as an independent unit or be at least divided.

Convergences with fascist phenomena are obvious – they cannot be perceived by those who are blind due to ‘political correctness’, which is a danger for the world: tragic negligence in proceeding among western politicians do not allow them to understand what the crisis in Ukraine is based on and in a few day it may be too late.

It is not possible to apply Marshall’s plan towards Ukraine – in this respect Europe has had a delay for a long time. Now the purpose should be to create a widely-ranging international coalition which would make it impossible for the victory of Ukrainian supporters of the ‘revenge policy’, proud of their abilities of deceiving the whole world diplomacy.

Let’s recall the lesson of the second world war: those who do not want to defend values, changing them into their own safety, they will pay for saving basic values of the human civilization with their own safety.


"Niedziela" 6/2014

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