When still at the communist times of Polish People’s Republic, I was visited by priests from Germany, often coming to us with their academic youth, we exchanged various opinions, shared our experiences of our work and conclusions from reflections. During one meeting I asked German priests a question: what do your father say about the war today? After all, they had been generally soldiers of Wehrmacht and had fought on the area of Poland. The priests seemed to be slightly surprised by the question and their answer was quite general. They said that their fathers usually said nothing about the war. One of them mentioned that his father had been shouting one night because he had had a dream about a war scene. Another one said how his father had been saving a Polish woman’s life in Warsaw, whom a Nazis soldier was threatening with an automatic weapon. Certainly, everyone was condemning the war and its atrocities explicitly. I remember when during one of my visits in Germany, German women were saying about their constant fear during the reigns of Adolf Hitler because even at homes people feared to talk loudly and openly, not to be accused of subversive activity.

Today we are globally looking at the problem of anti-Semitism which had a strong form during the war and during the reign of Hitler it was a number one matter in the policy of the Third Reich. The Germans were killing the Jews and placed them in concentration camps, searching for them in whole Europe. It was hell for this poor nation. Many educated and intelligent people were killed and everybody was treated worse than animals. Surely many Germans talked with one another about this terrible proceeding but there was not anybody who could intervene in a definite and sufficient way. Millions of innocent people were killed, who were deprived of their human rights, and who were intended to be killed by others. And, by the way, today the world is looking indifferently at the wall being built in Palestine and everything which is happening around it, the world is looking and - nothing….

We speak about holocaust that it was an expression of the biggest atrocity, sadism, rejection of any moral, ethical reactions – certainly, the act of genocide towards the Jewish nation, but also other nations, among the others, the Gypsies who were killed in concentration camps in such big numbers. Philosophy which was promoted by the Germans at that time, was the philosophy of death. When we recall these years and facts, one must state that the leading idea of everything was a kind of stupidity, terrible immoral phenomenon of achieving ill purposes at the cost of taking away life from others.

Today we are also dealing with some phenomena which must be simply called stupidity. Here I mean the gender ideology. It was invented from behind a desk and gained much financial support. For some reasons it was decided to destroy awareness of natural human rights, including the most obvious one, seen in the human being – that the human being is born as a man or a woman. If you are born a man, you have a masculine role in your life: you are mostly a father, a carer of your family, your help your wife in bringing up children to whom she gives birth. Whereas a woman has maternity encoded in her sex – giving birth and natural care about her child’s life. So, here we deal with maternity and paternity which, in the family life, give a possibility for development to all members of the family and the most beautiful fulfillment of oneself as people. It is included in the Christian vision of the human being which is shown in the Holy Scripture of the Old and the New Testament and which has – as I said – a deep biological justification.

Contemporary philosophers are imposing a new ideology now, which is going to be a determinant of masculine and feminine roles for people, and which is based on manipulation of human freedom. They say that the human being as a free being can decide also about the direction of his/her sexuality and choose who he/she wants to be. It does not matter that there are many obstacles on his/her road, among the others, the biological system – hormones, organs, psyche – all this is not important in the gender ideology, here only the freedom of the individual making the choice of sex is decisive.

The gender ideology negates the normality of the human functioning. Not only is it inconsistent with the Christian vision of the man but it also aims at destroying the human civilization. For, we cannot allow for a complete destruction of the human biology with impunity, for implementing falsehood of our life into the awareness of societies. This is a dangerous situation for the civilization – similar to the danger which was coming from Nazis Germany. There the Jews were killed because they did not match the race of people. Now, there are attempts to pinpoint an obstacle for the human development in normality, in what is the basic mechanism of existence and what is strictly connected with our human culture. The assumption that the human being, using his/her freedom, can choose also the sex, is the basic mistake, called the anthropological mistake. For, we cannot decide about what has already been decided in our life by nature: that we are either men or women. This is our system, the appearance of the body and the body is functioning in this not another way.

This philosophy – the philosophy of temporariness, because the human being can be either a woman or a man through plastic surgeries – is aiming at his/her degradation, and being implemented in life – at self-destruction of the human civilization. People who are dealing with the analysis and changes of their sexes, will not be either fathers or mothers, but they will look for ill temporary sensations which will never give them full satisfaction with being a man or a woman.

So, a big danger is threatening Europe, including the Christian nations. After all, enormous sums of money are intended for insidious implementation of the gender ideology into schools and kindergartens, basing on unawareness of teachers and parents or lack of interest of the latter ones in a child’s school, because of lack of time. The Church as the only institution – very attacked and ridiculed because it is defending human values and the civilization of life – is opening the world’s eyes to the gender ideology and is trying to point to the danger which it may be in. In Poland there are attempts to implement this ideology through the EU legislation in various spheres, but in many countries of Europe – which is rich and wise! – it has been implemented and is depreciating the family and degenerating the long-lasting and cultural, what an irony, the significance of sexes.

Therefore, it is high time we became aware of it and started fighting for nature rights in the human being. God, defend us against this terrible tragedy whose name is gender.


"Niedziela" 4/2014

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