I am a midwife. I should help a new life come to the world, and save the conceived life, not participate in abortion. For me, as a woman and a mother of two children it is a tragedy – says Agata Rejman. – We informed the director of the hospital together with my colleagues, that according to our conscience and our rights we do not want to participate in this type of operations. We signed a clause of conscience – she said at a press conference, which was held in Rzeszów on 15 January 2014. It was organized by a senator Kazimierz Jaworski (‘Poland Together’) who explained that as a Pole and a Catholic he must react to such situations. The issue is so shocking because it concerns the best gynecologic-obstetric hospital in the region, whose name means a pro-family mission. It is the Specialist Pro-Familia Hospital in Rzeszów. It is weeks as operations of abortion have been done here. For people who work in this hospital and must participate in them and assisting in these activities is connected with dramatic experiences. – I cannot sleep and I terrible experience what I saw, these are indescribable emotions – the midwife of Pro-Familia Agata Rejman said to journalists. – I do not want to participate in these operations, never ever – she said in her breaking voice. Having tears in her eyes, she confessed that, while assisting in abortions, ‘she saw her child’. – I am surprised that when so many children were born in the hospital, in which excellent doctors work, and which was sacrificed during its opening, abortions are done – the senator Jaworski commented. Referring to the tragedy of midwives, he said: - This is the result of the binding law which is bad, which causes breakage of consciences, forcing to assisting in abortions via employment. According to Jaworski, abortion in our country should be completely prohibited. – Most of our society is opposite to it – he noted. Abortion in Poland is legally permitted only in three cases: if pregnancy is the result of a rape, if pregnancy puts life and health of a woman at risk, if heavy and irreversible handicap of a fetus is stated. The midwife Agata Rejman is also for the amendment of the law and a complete abortion prohibition. – The human being does not give life and does not have a right to take it away – she explains. She gives us an example of one of her friends who found out in the 20th week of her pregnancy that her child had an incurable heart disorder. She was suggested having abortion but, luckily, she did not decide on it. She gave birth to her child, who died, but she said goodbye to her child. – I will never forget how she was cuddling her child to her breast – she mentions. – This woman did something wonderful. How easier it was for her to live with awareness that she had done everything for her child what she could but she had not killed her child – she notes. She adds that women who decide on abortion, are not aware of dramatic consequences of this decision. – Our country can afford help and maintaining disabled children - said Kazimierz Jaworski. He announced that he would insist on rejecting abortion by the Pro-Familia. The director of this hospital emphasized that he had not received any letter from midwives and he had not noticed anybody signalizing moral dilemmas so far. And such operations are incidental ‘cases’ where ‘a decision is always taken by a mother’.


"Niedziela" 4/2014

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