The Gospel is a joyful message about salvation. It is the teaching of Jesus Christ, which gives human life a full dimension of temporal and eternal life. According to the Gospel every man is redeemed by Jesus Christ who is his Redeemer. The work of Jesus Christ is His teaching and suffering, cross and resurrection. Thanks to the grace of Jesus gained on the cross, the man can have the grace of redemption. So, we can rejoice that we are not doomed to the loss, but – thanks to Divine mercifulness – we can gain happiness in eternal life. And here there is sense of the Christian life, which is to be compatible with the teaching of Christ included in the Gospel and confirmed by the revelation of God on pages of the Old Testament. It is also assumed that God’s revelation remains in the Great Tradition of the Church. So, the Holy Scripture and Tradition are the basis of the Christian’s faith.

The Church as a guard of the Divine law

Here it must be also reminded that the teaching of St. Paul who says that ‘we are redeemed through grace’ (Ephesians 2.8) – everything happens, first of all, thanks to merciful God’s grace. As we know, morality of believers is based on the Decalogue which obliges in the deposit of faith. Whereas the guard of the faith deposit is the Church. In its teaching it is still reminding about the duty of following God’s law and it guards the natural law, revealed to the man in the nature of the world and the man. The Church has always cared about a Christian so that he would not go away from the natural and Divine form in his life. Moral teaching has always been the subject of concern of popes, bishops and the whole community, which has always guarded Christian tradition. Certainly, within centuries, there were various deviations also the ones concerning Christian morality and believers or particular Churches often addressed their questions in this respect to the Holy See. There were various atheistic philosophical trends which were fighting teaching of the Church, especially the ones concerning the faith principles and Christian morality. It was often connected with political actions which were repressing the Christians, sometimes leading them to their martyr death. Like David, the Church had to stand to fight against Goliath, because the fight was about something very important – human salvation.

Dangerous novelties

In the recent years a new ideology has appeared, which is aimed against Christianity in a definite way. The new ideology, whose name is ‘gender’ is trying to persuade the man into the idea that biological frames are not important, that is, the ones concerning the human sexes, but also that cultural conditions are basic for his life and constitute it. So, gender ideologists, creators and representatives of gender ideology suggest removing the man from the consciousness at the very beginning of his development of the fact that he is a man or a woman, and the choice of sexes when the man will be ready to. The gender ideology wants to introduce belief into the consciousness of especially young people, that in issues of sexes they are not restricted by anything and can interfere into their biology in any way they like. We also see how new educational forms containing many elements of the gender ideology, are trying to rekindle sexually even preschools which, may consequently, give big possibilities to manipulate people and use their ill passions.

Whereas, if we like it or not, we are born equipped with male or female sexual ‘suit’ and as a man or a woman we develop, being basically different from one another in particular development phases. So, a little girl should work out her beautiful femininity features and a man – masculinity features, naturally directed at marriage and family. Certainly, it is impossible to speak about marriage in reference to the same-sex couples – it is naturally impossible to give birth to their offspring. The Church has always considered sexual intercourse between such people as a sin, and marriage as only a relation between a woman and a man.

Fighting on many frontiers – is costly

Whereas the gender ideology is already entering our schools, kindergartens, we find out about granting much financial means for introducing it into children’s minds as quickly as possible. Also higher schools introduce the gender ideology into their programs. For now it is explained with cultural studies, but we see that big centres are behind it, which have much funds and have hostile attitude towards the whole Christian civilization, aiming at destroying it. Gender ideologists want to remove the notion of fatherhood and motherhood, destroy the institution of father and mother – in preschool and school surveys there are already entities: carer 1 and carer 2 , and in the Polish Sejm we have already examples of the equality act project which is preparing the social consciousness for the new reality.

In this all it is not accidental that a big attack on priests appears which presents priests as pedophiles, criminals and immoral people. It is all about depriving them of a good opinion and the Church of good opinion. Because the Church stands up against the gender ideology and all postmodern trends, showing their absurdity and civilizational harmfulness. It cannot be in a different way, because it would have to reject revelation and the Gospel. So, the big fight against the Church is taking place on various frontiers and, undoubtedly, somebody gives much money to destroy the good name of priests via Internet, to deprive the Church of its voice, to undermine its significance in the society and create a situation of lack of trustfulness to this exceptional institution.

The gender ideology is very dangerous for human civilization in general. Let’s think that there is a town where in a particular year 30 children were born. Being at the age of 3 or 4, they do not know what it means to be a boy or a girl. They are being formed without any awareness of sexual difference. In this way homosexual actions can be caused – with more moral freedom there is a probability of sexual contacts between a boy and a boy, as well as between a girl and a girl. Later these young people will decide who they want to be in the sexual sense. In the meantime, someone’s vision may change and he will want to return to the state after his birth. What kind of man will he be? Will he be happy? What civilian acts of such people will look like?

So, the gender ideology can bring a big chaos in human life. The purpose of the human life, according to this ideology, would be maximum using one’s sexuality, with the aim at satisfying one’s sexual needs. Does it concern the whole beauty of the human life?

Gender ideology does not care about human happiness

It is what the civilizational danger is based on. This ideology is dangerous for the whole social life, but, first of all, for family life, practically doomed to non-existence. In the modern times, marked with atheistic ideologies of communism and Nazism, there are step undertaken which in their results are similar to theories proclaimed by Lenin, Stalin or Hitler, which destroyed millions of people. Communism itself has about 150 million of people at its account, similarly Nazism which has cruelties towards millions of people at its account, including the cruelty of Holocaust. It is clearly seen to what atheism leads – it is dangerous for the man and the whole humankind.

So, we must really undertake the steps to make the society realize the fact about the danger which is coming under the disguise of ideologies proclaimed by golden-mouthed atheists and feminists that family is evil, that there is repression of a woman in the society, that our traditional pious families are characterized by violence and abnormality. Anyway, today one can be sued to the court when he is a normal decent man. It must also be added that actions of gender ideologists are implemented into practice, through seemingly innocent lectures, films and cultural studies which, in fact, under the alleged innocence are very dangerous.

We must face this new cultural revolution which destroys the basis of the social life. We must not ignore this danger.


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