In Europe, in November 2013, the collection of signatures under the European Civilian Initiative ‘One of us’ was ended. Now coordinators of this initiative are getting prepared for the public hearing in the European Parliament. One of the most important people, beside the euro-deputy Carlo Casini is Ana del Pino, a coordinator of the Civilian Initiative ‘One of us’, coming from Spain

Collecting nearly 2 million signatures under the European Civilian Initiative ‘One of us’ is only the first phase on a long way to defend the human life in the European Union. Now more work will be needed in building the culture of life – says Ana del Pino to ‘Niedziela’- Now we are just beginning a new and very important phase in Europe.

Trustfulness, faith, hard work and mutual respect – are values which brought such a beautiful fruit in the form of the European Civilian Initiative ‘One of us’. In the beginning it was very difficult for us. The euro-deputy Carlo Casini helped us a lot. We received support also from Elisabetta Pittino from Italy – says del Pino. Although there were many difficulties, we made a decision that we cannot give up for the sake of defence of the human life and dignity of every human being.

For the last year we were working nearly every day and night, in order to do as much as we could for the Initiative ‘One of us’ and for the culture of life. Personal reports with the representatives of various countries in Europe were the most important. When it was hard for us, we found strength in the Gospel. I understood that we have to move forward, act together with common tools which we have at a particular moment. As I say, humanization of our work was very important, that is, mutual trustfulness while undertaking any actions – emphasized Ana del Pino.

- Certainly, our work did not end with collecting such a big number of signatures. Now we must go on building solidarity and culture of life – explains the coordinator of the European Civilian Initiative ‘One of us’.

I gained the statement of Ana del Pino for ‘Niedziela’ during the First European Congress of Pro-Life Movements focused on the Initiative ‘One of us’ which was held on 14-17 November 2013 in Kraków – Łagiewniki.


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