A sad day, Tuesday 19 November 2013. Media informed about the death of mother of priest Jerzy Popiełuszko. For me – I think that many Poles think so – she was a special person – mother. Because of her love to her son and her Good and Truth given to us. I did not know Mrs. Marianna personally but I was often near her, I was looking and listening to her answers to questions of journalists. I did not agree with the picture created in media – of a dependent old lady from a village. She was an intelligent and clever woman, with her own character and fully conscious of the realities of the surrounding world. She lived and she expressed wisdom of God’s and human truths. This knowledge and consciousness did not appear among those who asked her ‘wise’ questions. And answers of Mrs. Marianna were to the point, short and simply – golden thoughts: ‘There is no other road to God than only through the cross’; ‘In our home there has never been any lie’; the most important in life are a prayer and work, live for God and people. And God will give us the rest of things’. I could quote here many other wise sentences, which I wrote when hearing them. Simple, understandable rules of good life, according to the conscience. Honest, real, said without any preparations, often in a haste between one and another anniversary celebration.

There is a photo by Stanisław Markowski, which, in my documentaries I often showed the mother’s face over an open coffin of her murdered son during a funeral. She froze, petrified in pain, proud and unbeaten. Like a remorse of the world. Touching to depth.

Last year, on 19 October, a lot people gathered at the grave of Fr. Jerzy formed a hedge for his mother going towards the grave. Some of them wanted to touch her arm, were stretching out their hands, some of them were kneeling to kiss her hands. Emotions were choking in the throat. Love and gratitude for her son, a hero and a patriot. He was like her – he loved God and people, told the truth. Why was he murdered? – this question is asked by other generations of Poles, with more disbelief. After all, he spoke about justice, dignity, freedom, about obvious things for the current youth. Modest, friendly, good, full of love to all people! Why was he murdered so cruelly?! This question should be answered by murderers and principals of this cruel crime, who are still alive in Poland. The martyr death of priest Jerzy was not in vain! Today we are saying to the saint’s mother: - We are! We remember! We are vigilant!


"Niedziela" 48/2013

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