In Częstochowa on 19-24 November there was the 15thDay of Music. This year’s edition was devoted to two music people connected with Częstochowa: the late Prof. Krzysztof Pośpiech and Fr. Prof. Kazimierz Szymonik. The Feast of Music, organized for 15 years by the Association of Friends Gaude Mater, presents works of prominent people connected with music life of Częstochowa and the region.

Students of the late Prof. Krzysztof Pośpiech were particularly glad about the inauguration concert on 19 November in Częstochowa Philharmonics, connected with a ceremony of granting the name of Krzysztof Pośpiech to the chamber hall of the Philharmonics.

The main person of this year’s edition of the Day of Music was Fr. Prof. Kazimierz Szymonik – an orchestra conductor, choirmaster, a lecturer and pro-rector of the Music University of Fryderk Chopin for many years and the University of Cardinal of Stefan Wyszyński in Warsaw, as well as a Seminary in Częstochowa, for over 20 years connected with the International Festival of Sacral Music ‘Gaude Mater’ as a member of the Artistic-Program Council. Organizers planned a few points of the program of the Day of Music dedicated to Fr. Prof. Szymonik.

On 21 November in the Chapel of the Miraculous Image of Our Lady of at Jasna Góra, archbishop Wacław Depo presided over the Holy Mass in the intention of church musicians. The music accompaniment for the Eucharist was prepared by choirs from Częstochowa. In the homily archbishop Depo said that St. Cecilia – a patron of church musicians - teaches us to harmonize music and singing with life. He also referred to last scandalous events which touched the sphere of culture, especially provocation in the Modern Art Centre in Warsaw. Fr. Prof. Kazimierz Szymonik reminded that the liturgy is a gate to Heaven.

Archbishop Depo presided over also the Holy Mass celebrated on 22 November in the church of the Seminary in Częstochowa in the intention of Fr. Prof. Kazimierza Szymonik. Next, there was a concert of the band ‘Mulierum Schola Gregoriana Clamaverunt lusti’ under the conduction of Michał Sławecki and a meeting with Fr. Prof. Szymonik.

The final concert of the 15th Day of Music took place on 24 November in Mstów in the monastery of Regular Canons. The Chamber Orchestra from Łódź PRIMUZ, under the conduction of Łukasz Błaszczyk performed ‘Four Seasons’ by Antonio Vivaldi and ‘Divertimento D-dur’ by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Fr. Stanisław Tomoń OSPPE
A spokesman of Jasna Góra


"Niedziela" 48/2013

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