On 16-17 November there was the 30th Jubilee pilgrimage of railway workers at Jasna Góra. The Central Holy Mass, celebrated on 17 November at Jasna Góra gathered over 10 thousand of railway workers with their families, who arrived by eight pilgrimage trains. There were also delegations of railway workers from Slovakia, Hungary and Belarus. The motto of the pilgrimage was: ‘Strong in faith’. It was a thanksgiving for the decision of pope Francis about canonization of blessed John Paul II and for the second pilgrimage of John Paul II to Homeland in 1983, in relation with the 30th anniversary of this event. The Holy Mass was presided over by bishop Wojciech Polak, the general secretary of the Polish Episcopal Conference.- You, as railway workers know well how important it is for travelers entrusted to your work, to have a sense of safety – said bishop Polak in the homily. – You must do everything to build this reliability of work, and, unfortunately, sometimes, to rebuild it. (…) You must undertake the common effort to rebuild the basic respect for the human work, ethos of work, respect for the man and for those who live from this fruit of work. (…) It is very important to emphasize the fact that the biggest asset of enterprise is the man, and the real capital are people cooperating with one another. The Eucharist was also celebrated by priests of railway workers with the national priest Fr. Kan. Eugeniusz Zarębiński at the helm, and moderator of the Catholic Association of Polish Railway Workers Fr. Ryszard Marciniak. There were 120 flags. The music accompaniment was prepared by the Band and Railway Orchestra from Siedlce.


"Niedziela" 48/2013

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