First a few questions: who was so wise and gave a consent to organize a route of the march of independence near the Russian embassy? Who is responsible for actions of the police who could not defend even one building? After all, it was not all about a protest of thousands of people against the Russian embassy but about a group of masked people who did not arrive at the march for patriotic reasons at all.

Therefore, I do not understand Poles apologizing the Russians nearly on knees for this incident. It would be enough to say words of grief. When a few days later, the Polish embassy in Moscow was attacked with stones in a revenge, did the president Putin behave somehow towards this incident? Did the prime minister Miedwiediew apologize us for a banner saying: ‘Russia from Warsaw to Arthur’s harbour!’

It was similar with arson of the rainbow at the Redeemer’s Square. This symbol of homosexual propaganda and new leftist revolution, had already been destroyed a few times, this time it looked like a prepared provocation: the very rainbow was not on the route of the march, and people who had set fire to it, ran out from the march, making the march was directing after them in order to see how the rainbow was starting to burn. At that time the front of the march got distanced by over a kilometer, the contact with it got lost, and after a while those who were standing did not know where to go, and they were nearly going towards the Redeemer’s Square where they would have been closed like in a boiler. And then a spark would be enough to cause a panic in which people would have started running away in a rush, trying to save one another. Had anybody planned this scenario in order to disperse the march? Luckily, organizers managed to form the march back and direct it on the right route.

This year the Law and Justice party cut itself from the March organized by the National Party, and JarosławKaczyński even called this initiative ‘harmful’. Therefore, he organized separate marches in Cracow, connected with the monthly anniversary Smoleńsk. As many people think, a trap set for JarosławKaczyński was not successful. And there had surely been prepared articles and photos how the chairman of the Law and Justice party was speaking at the background of burning Warsaw, shortly speaking, how ‘the Law and Justice party was setting fire to Poland’.

The fact that it had been planned so, is proved by reactions and speeches of the prime minister, president and the Foreign Minister, the chief of the Inner Affairs Ministry, parliamentarians of the Civic Platform party! Their opinions had been decided in advance, explicitly and definitely. They were expressed by the minister PawełGraś who said that it was the Law and Justice party which is responsible for the atmosphere and permission for such incidents; it is the Law and Justice party which is creating anti-Russian hysteria in Poland and anti-Russian atmosphere. It is the Law and Justice party which is responsible for the fact that groups of hooligans are treated as patriots and defenders of the homeland – said the spokesman of the government of Donald Tusk.

GrzegorzSchetyna, referring to the words of Donald Tusk who blamed the Law and Justice party and JarosławKaczyński in an obvious way – although that they were celebrating the Day of Independence 300 km away from the riots – he said: ‘It is the language of the opposition, this tone of aggression. There have been a lot of such aggressive accents on 11 November. It was not a feast during the march of independence. (…) I think that the Law and Justice party avoided being present in Warsaw in a clever way. Kaczyński was in Cracow in order to show that he had nothing in common with the excesses in Warsaw. It was clever but this all what was happening in the streets is a symbol of what has been happening in Poland for months, for a few years when the opposition is attacking the governmental coalition in an aggressive way’. Schetyna also added that ‘the Day of Independence is used for…….attacking the coalition, that it has been taken into possession by the opposition in order to attack the government and the Civic Platform. It is a bad habit but it has been happening for a few years. It is taking this feast into possession against somebody else.(…) Please note what slogans were used in this march. They were aggressive towards the government, politicians of the governmental coalition. It is not a feast of joy’.

Neither governing politicians nor the mainstream media found it significant that a few thousand people had arrived at the monument of Dmowski, patriotic speeches were ignored, and first of all, it was not emphasized that this march had been organized by people of national and patriotic views. All speeches were aimed at attacking the independence tradition, present it as a sign of ‘banditry’ and ‘nationalism’. What is terrifying is this unilateral form of information in media which are interested only in a quarrel, showing destructions and fires, speaking only about rioters, bandits and hooligans, who raised their hands at the authority.

What a shame that very few people are interested in why young Poles decide for acts of hooliganism? Did anybody check how many of them are unemployed, doomed either to temporary contracts or to going abroad to work physically? It is only a matter of time when the whole young generation, deprived of its future, will consider the group of Donald Tusk as the main enemy. But then, we all will be losers.


"Niedziela" 47/2013

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