Times before the Second World War are not so much distant for us, as the ancient ones, to reflect on them. Today there are many people who were aware of what was happening then, and they share various memories with one another. And they recall themselves ‘Crsital Nacht’ (9-10 November 1938) in Germany or threats addressed then at the Jewish nation: A Jew must be killed, he can be shot like a dog; or later – Jews to a gas chamber. Many people living in those times heard these terrible words and, what is more – many of them were obliged somehow to fulfill these bestial orders of the Third Reich.

Making a perpetrator out of a victim

Today we are looking for an answer to the question how it happened that such an insane ideology was able to overcome this nation of intelligent people living, distinguishing with enormous heritage of culture in music, literature, architecture, technics, philosophy, nay, even great theology. There was also Protestantism which was based on the Bible, on the Old Testament, being a book of the Jewish nation. And that was the cause of such an atrocity! At present the Germans are looking for a way to remove their wicked behavior from their history and the history of Europe, and there are cases that they would like to assign cruel anti-Semitic actions to Poles – there are threatening statements, as well as films and books, through which they want to include our nation into the anti-Semitic trend. Therefore, we must speak about it publicly, because human perversity does not know any limits and if the propaganda against Poles was successful, then, in a short time we would be perpetrators of the Second World War – maybe there are such people who think so.

Atheism – the basis of Nazism and communism

However, I would like to refer to deeper spheres of the Nazism issue, in which there is a particular philosophy. The ill Third Reich is a result of atheism, which was reigning on this area and which revealed itself especially in the Nazis actions. Hitler and his party rejected Christian God at some point and created their ideological god who was atheistic god. But pre-war times were also times of developing communism in the East. In eastern Europe communists and Lenin, later Stalin, definitely undertook a big war against faith and religion. Everything which concerned religious life, was destroyed in a ruthless way. Orthodox and Catholic priests were killed, as well as priests of other religions, a mass destruction of catholic churches, monasteries and orthodox churches started. Everything, which was holy, was completely destroyed. Nothing which was holy, was respected –holiness stopped existing for the Bolsheviks. It was the beginning of a new way of life for the Russian people and other nations dominated by this barbaric ideology. Everything was subordinated to directives of the atheistic authority. Certainly, faith remained in hearts of millions of people who are poor, humiliated, often ordinary, but intelligent and noble. However, actions of communist groups were so determined and cruel that the spiritual spirit was being slowly killed. Those were poor who wanted to maintain at least a little part of their faith. When they expressed it outside, they were persecuted, imprisoned, killed or sent to endless spaces of the Russian North.

A fight from behind a desk against God and human rights

Atheism was planned for the whole humankind, including Europe. In 1920 Poland stopped communism, which wanted to enter Western Europe from the East. Inhabitants of contemporary Europe do not remember any more that the source of hatred, cruelties, misfortune which caused death of 150 million of human beings, lies in atheism, in rejection of God, rejection of His laws and commandments given to humankind. For, the world is taking on new colours, and culture brought by Christianity which was a widespread religion for two thousand years and which led to a beautiful development of also legal order among many nations, was undermined with a threat of strength and repression.

So, we need to realize strongly the fact about the source of misfortunes which became participation of the Europeans. Atheism was born at the desks of philosophers who undertook a fight against God, and also the humankind and human rights.

We forgot about all these actions which led to the tragedy of millions of people, we are not aware that it is atheism which should be blamed for this big catastrophe of humankind. People did not realize it earlier than during the Nuremberg process, when they did not know how to find the arguments for convicting Nazis criminals, who were ‘only’ doing their duties. It is similar today when there are problems of de-communization in Poland, because those who used to bring harm to the nation, excuse themselves with the law existing at that time. However, we cannot identify the statutory law with the natural law, God’s law, presented so briefly in the Decalogue. This issue is also proved by a difficult parable of Jesus about a canny clerk (Lucas 16.1-8),when Lord praised a dishonest clerk that he had behaved reasonably. Because what sometimes seems dishonesty from the human point of view, for example, not fulfilling a criminal order, does not have to be dishonesty from God’s point of view. During the Nuremberg process, people saw clearly that there was a difference in the quality of these laws.

The Germans experienced very badly what happened in history of their large country and the nation and they can’t still understand how it happened. Similarly, nations seized by communistic atheism notice the results of the system, not called by any process, which led to such a big misfortune.

Atheism is storming Europe

Today atheism is trying to reappear in Europe, there appear trends aimed against European based in Christianity, which gives sense to civilization and which is its eyes and wings. As a result, we notice that Europe of XXI century is losing its compass again. It becomes a continent overwhelmed by atheism in a new and very dangerous form, to which whole systems are serving, also the legal ones, constructed by supporters of death civilization. What is the most dangerous is the fact that everything is happening under beautiful and very exalted slogans, allegedly promoting the very good and benefit, but, in fact, it is an assassination on humankind and the whole natural order of the world. Because how to justify suggestions coming ministerial bench so as not to register a child after the birth as a boy or a girl, but as a sexually defined individual X who can decide to be a woman or a man after some time? It is also difficult to understand a paradox that abortion legalization is enforced, idolizes pride and carelessness, and, on the other hand, it funds in vitro from public money, presenting them as the only way for making people happy with having a child.

It is astonishing that people can forget that they are Christians, that their Christian awareness is disappearing. I was looking at the faces of those present at the funeral of Tadeusz Mazowiecki, who were behaving in a very beautiful way, humbly and with reflection and I was surprised how wise and good people could peacefully vote for killing ill children in mothers’ wombs. After all, an ill human being must be treated not killed! It is so obvious. Whereas, killing becomes a kind of a craft for doctors-specialists and nurses in the world. How to combine it with normality? How can one participate in the Holy Mass and have a peaceful conscience as it concerns many matters evident for the Christians….

Causing a hell on the Earth

So, what should be done, so that atheism which is already overwhelming Europe, would not enter souls of Poles? Yes, faith is grace, maybe for cruelties which were done by nations, God takes away this grace from them. But God is merciful and will not stint this grace, if the man opens up a little to Him. Created to the image and similarity of God, the man was equipped with a free will and God is trying to respect it…

So, I would like to warn Poles against new forms of atheism, warn particularly young people and teachers against the gender ideology which promotes an atheistic way of taking an attitude towards the human being. It is a wrong behaviour. If God’s laws are neglected, the man will have hell on the Earth very quickly, as the Old Testament says, among the others, about Sodoma and Gomora. Simply, at one moment, the man will become terrified with what he caused – but it may be too late.

Summing up –we should remember that atheism which once destroyed Europe and the world so much, now is reappearing in a new form and wants to lead to a disaster of the whole civilization. But the Christians, being aware of it, must do everything not to allow for it, first of all, asking God for His mercifulness.


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