At the end of the Year of Faith pope Francis recommends everybody Miserikordyna – a Polish ‘medication’ which is good for heart, for soul and for life

In Western countries medications are used in big amounts, and one of expectations of the contemporary man is finding a medication for everything, for body illnesses and soul problems. Therefore, on 7 November 2013, believers gathered on the Square of St. Peter in Rome, at the ‘Angelus Prayer’, were listening to the words of the Pope with great attention and astonishment, who started speaking about a medication: - I would like to recommend a medication to all of you – said Francis. Then he added: - Somebody will say: Did the Pope become a pharmacist? It is all about a ‘spiritual medication’ called Miserikordyna. A little box contains 59 intra-cardiac granules. The little boxes with this medication will be distributed to you while leaving the square by volunteers. Take them. You will find a rosary in them with which you can also say the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. It is a spiritual help for your souls and for spreading love, forgiveness and brotherhood everywhere. Do not forget to take this medication because it makes good for your heart, soul and whole life. And, indeed, on the Square of St. Peter six points of distribution of the ‘medication’ were arranged. Believers were given the Miserikordina by seminarians, Swiss guardians, Polish sisters from various convents working in the Eternal City and the papal almoner with Love Missionaries of Mother Theresa from Calcutta. Very few of the gathered on the Square knew that it was archbishop Konrad Krajewski who is the ‘perpetrator’ of this ‘healing campaign’.

A few months ago, the little box of Miserikordyna got into the hands of archbishop Krajewski. The initiator of the ‘medication’ was deacon Głazej Kwiatkowski, studying in a Seminary in Gdańsk. We should not be surprised that it was him who invented it – before joining the seminary he had studied pharmacy. The papal almoner liked this idea of this ‘spiritual medication’ so much that in September he showed the box to the Pope Francis, saying briefly: ‘Holy Father must have some heart problems, so maybe it would be good to take this medicine. Anyway, papal doctor says that it is good medication’. Not knowing that it was a joke, Holy Father started looking at the box attentively and said seriously: ‘I have never seen this medication’. Next, he opened the box and then he found out that there was a rosary inside as well as an image of Merciful Jesus and also a leaflet. The pope read this leaflet explaining that it is Mierikordyna and when and how it should be applied, and he also found out if there are real side effects of taking this ‘medication’. When he read that the ‘medication’ is given without any prescription and does not undergo outdating, he burst with laughter. He said to archbishop Krajewski: ‘What about giving away this medication’. It was how the idea appeared to give away the Miserikordyna on the Square of St. Peter. So, 25 thousands of packaging of the ‘medication’ were produced and leaflets in a few languages were attached. Swiss guardians and their families prepared the little boxes, also putting rosaries into them, it lasted nearly a month. This action became an occasion for them to spend their time together and say the rosary prayer.

When during one of audiences the metropolitan of Gdańsk archbishop Sławoj Leszek Głódź showed pope Francis the small box of Miserikordyna, he realized that he had already seen this ‘medication’. Nobody had foreseen - it was not planned – that in the end of the Year of Faith, Pope would want to give believers the ’medication’ invented in Poland, which is so good for heart, for soul and whole life.


"Niedziela" 47/2013

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