Poland is divided, it is best seen during national feasts, for example, on the National Day 11 November, when one must express a clear opinion for long-existing values, without resorting to liberalism, tolerance and another pseudo-modernity.

‘Keep this heritage, multiply this heritage, pass it over to other generations’ – our great compatriot, pope John Paul II was calling.

However, to make it happen, we must know the truth about us today, about our fathers, grandfathers, we must know the truth about people who made a decision about today’s image of Poland. We must know who and when murdered our national elite who are the people grabbing the power in Poland today, who is stealing, who is telling lies, who is destroying Poland, and who loves Poland? Without this knowledge we will live in a world of fiction, hypocrisy, misunderstanding terms, being weak and not respected by other countries and nations, and being doomed to passiveness.

The famous Soviet dissident, Władimir Bukowski said to us, Poles, the significant sentences: ‘Kiszczak, Jaruzelski and others do not have to die impudently at all. Russian agents do not have to govern in your country. The key economy branches do not have to be under the control of post-communists. You must only want it! I have been disappointed by Poland recently. I have always admired your country. You did not allow anybody govern your country, you were principled. Independence and sovereignty were holiness for you and now you became passive, you lost your spirit somewhere. As a result, you are defenceless towards the foreign penetration and communists criminals walk along streets and laugh into their victims’ eyes. It is not the same Poland which I used to know some time ago’. Hearing these bitter words of Władimir Bukowski we must answer. Through our life and action.

In Poland there were not lustration, de-communization. There were not any cases against criminals guilty of death of gen. Feildorf-Nil, Captain Witold Pilecki and thousands of patriots murdered in communist dungeons by native traitors being on duty for Moscow. Later their successors were committing cruel crimes on their compatriots – they were shooting to miners in the ‘Wujek’ mine, murdered defenceless, modest Fr. Jerzy Popiełuszko speaking about freedom, truth, dignity, they killed a secondary school student Grzegorz Przemyk, a student from Cracow Stanisław Pyjas and we could enumerate more such examples of heinous acts of those who, governing for half a century, led our country to ruins, brought up other generations which took over the authority, national assets and now they are governing Poland impudently.

John Paul II used to say: ‘Every act belongs to a particular man or a woman, surname, name, date of birth, colour of eyes…an individual responsibility for every act. When one stops searching for the truth, life becomes senseless’.

I quote the words of John Paul II, the Great Pope who knew and loved Poland, his Homeland, than anyone else. In a short time there will be canonization of our Compatriot and everybody identify themselves, quote selected fragments for their own usage. We must be watchful, especially now when a fight of various influential groups not saving any means is becoming stronger.


"Niedziela" 46/2013

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