It has not been long time since the soviet communism, ‘the empire of evil’ – as Ronald Reagan defined a fight against God in the Soviet Union and in the satellite countries - was a great threat for the world. Not many people knew that at that time in Western Europe various pseudo-philosophers and demoralizing activists were building a ‘new order’ which John Paul II named a style of life ‘as if God did not exist’. Today we are right to be glad that we have lived until the collapse of the Soviet atheism, but we are also reacting not strong enough when the European Union ‘is arranging’ our Christian values according to the fallen materialistic and atheistic philosophy, based on – unlike the philosophy in the Soviet Russia – absolutisation of freedom and hedonistic concept of the man. As a result, we are accepting EU legislation in which – in the name of alleged fight against pathologies in the family – there are lot of anti-family programs, destroying the sphere of human intimacy based on the general sexual freedom.

The most dangerous ideology is gender ideology – proclaiming a global sexual revolution, destroying the identity of a woman and a man, mocking at woman’s vocation for motherhood, a man for fatherhood, and consequently, aimed against a family. Is it possible in the long run to live normally and well without the basic truth, that we have been women and men since our birth? Are heterosexuality and homosexuality equal values according to the gender ideology? Can everyone choose their own sexual identity? It is difficult to imagine where this craziness will lead humankind. But there is a method in this craziness: according to the so-called banksters, there are too many people all over the world, it is more difficult to rule over masses, there is a big distance from freemasonry dream about the world government, about humankind freed from ‘religious prejudices’. In order to find a solution to it, homosexual lobby established thousands professors’ positions and also staff dealing with the issues of sexes. The young academic generation is being subjected to brainwash- it will be able only for work, career and consumption soon. As the survey in Germany shows, most young Germans live in a kind of a sexual mess: either in informal relationships or they are unfaithful towards one another, or they regularly use pornography.

In our country this issue has not gone too far yet, but the government of the Civic Platform is undertaking an attempt to make up for these ‘overdues’. How can we defend against it? Surely we should use any democratic ways in order to resist the offensive of gender activists. If homosexuals organize parades and marches, then we should organize ours as well, and not of two-thousand but 200 thousand people.

I know that on 7 November defenders of a family from the gender ideology will meet in Warsaw. They want to unite and coordinate actions of associations, foundations, institutions, movements and communities in order to undertake a cooperation to stop the offensive of the gender ideology. The above-mentioned meeting and also another meeting – on 12 November and 7 December in Lublin – are to set a program of actions for the future. There are plans to make the gender issue a topic of the forthcoming elections. Particular candidates and political parties will be demanded to give clear declarations in the gender revolution. Shortly speaking, it is all about choosing reliable family defenders for politics. For this purpose a broad educational action is needed so that as many Poles as possible would be aware of what changes gender ideologists want to implement in law, customs, culture, morality and education. And these changes should be defined explicitly: their aim is to destroy the traditionally understood family consisting of a dad, mum and children.

What we need the most is not gender revolution but help to the family; not suicidal promotion of any possible sexual deviations but policy of family promotion, open to the future. But in order to achieve it, an organization is needed which will make reasonable people’s resistance visible; we must go out into streets, we should organize protests towards the Education Ministry, towards editors of liberal media. We must have our own mass media in order to inform about dangers and resistance.

The family is worth any kinds of sacrifice, it is the ‘heart and centre of civilization of love’, if ‘the man develops, and there is salvation of human kind through the family’ – as John Paul II wrote in the ‘Letter to families’. And pope Francis, still as archbishop of Buenos Aires, wrote to all believers that we should not have any illusions and we must realize the fact that ‘homo-marriages’ and the so-called homo-ideology are simply the work of satan.

I would like to inform those who are interested in this issue that the main coordinator of the actions against the gender revolution is the Association of Pedagogues NATAN from Lublin whose chairman is Zbigniew Barciński (e-mail: zb@2137.


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