The government of the Green Island decided that in Ireland compulsory lessons of atheism would be introduced in schools from the following year. This is the first country in the world which introduces atheism into the compulsory school curriculum. These lessons (10 modules of about 30-40 min each) or children at the age 4 – 13 will be organized by the anti-religious organization Atheist Ireland. According to press reports, in the educational curriculum there are ‘basis of materialism and scientific view at the world’.

It seemed to us in Poland that times of the ruthless compulsory atheistic indoctrination based on ‘the scientific world-view’ and on statements of an astronaut Gagarin ‘I have been in space but I have not seen God’, which was supposed to be a fundamental evidence for His non-existence with the collapse of communism had passed. However, a brutal and total anticlerical and anti-Catholic campaign in mainstream media shows under the pretext of a fight with pedophilia that opponents of God and His Church did not fold flags at all, but their anti-evangelical centres changed a tactics a bit, not purposes. For the dialectical materialism (Marxism) and practical materialism (demo-liberalism) are based on a similar concept of the human being and want to create the reality without God.

The compulsory lessons of atheism in Catholic Ireland are another phase of de-christianization strategy. And one can only be comforted with the fact that for now the school run by religious institutions will be exempt from the lessons. In Ireland it means that in practice the lessons will be attended only 7 per cent of Irish students because the Catholic Church is running over 90 per cent of 3200 primary schools on the Green Island. But in a short time, also in Catholic schools the lessons of atheism will surely be compulsory. The purpose of these actions is decreed of secularism as an official doctrine which is supposed to equalize all beliefs of citizens. So, it is also an element of a cultural war run with the usage of the institution of the state, which is supposed to be subject to rules of the laic humanism promoted by ‘enlightened elites’, which negates God’s existence in its program.

A paradox is the fact that laicism and dictatorship of moral relativism are taking on the signs of cult more often. They are a characteristic sign of the ‘political religion’ which is defined by the concept of ‘worldview neutrality’ of demo-liberal country. Benedict XVI, in his encyclical ‘Caritatis in veritate’ reminded that Christian humanism is the biggest force in the service to the development of the whole world and every man. Only with God does the man know who he is and where he is going. And, on the contrary, atheism and closing up to God are the biggest obstacles in the human development. Humanism excluding God is inhuman humanism and, it is a destructive ideology as such. ‘Paul VI – Benedict XVI writes in the ending of his encyclical – reminded us in ‘Populorum progressio’ that the man cannot direct his own progress himself, because he cannot constitute real humanism himself. Only if we think that we are called as individuals and a community to participate in God’s family as His children, we will also be able to create a new thought and express new energies in the service of real integral humanism’ (CV, ending)


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