An attack on the experts of the Parliamentary Team which, under the leadership of Antoni Macierewicz is investigating the causes of the Smoleńsk air crash, is an incredible scandal. The prominent scientists of indisputable scientific achievements and recognition in their environment are presented as incompetent people whose participation in investigating the circumstances of the air crash is a big misunderstanding.

Whereas the roles of authorities were given to the members of the governmental commission, who with governmental propagandists have been promoting the theory according to which Polish pilots should be blamed for the Smoleńsk air crash. In addition there is a continuous attack both of the members of the governmental commission and the politicians of the Civic Platform party and media favourable for them, on everybody who want to reach the truth about the air crash at Smoleńsk or are only asking inconvenient questions to the government.

The chief of the governmental commission dr. JanuszLasek is teaching from the position of an all-knowing authority, is rebuking and attacking those who – despite the complete passiveness of the government and prosecution – decided to explain the circumstances of death of the Polish Republic president and the delegation accompanying him, regardless of how brutal and shocking truth it will be.

I do not know the qualifications of Mr. Lasek but I am not going to use his method or I will not say that he is crazy and incompetent. Whereas I state that he is serving to a bad case – falsifying the reality in the matter for our fundamental Homeland, whose explanation has an absolutely overriding significance for our country.

In contrast to Mr. Lasek I was on the spot of the catastrophe at Smoleńsk, I saw smoldering debris of the airplane and the terrible sight of destructions. Therefore, I can say that what Mr. Lasek and his colleagues from the governmental commission say hardly have in common with the reality.

In contrary to Mr. Lasek I took advantage of the invitation of prof. Binienda whom I and Fr. Zbigniew, the director of the Radio Maryja in Chicago, visited in April this year at the University in Akron. I saw one of the most modern laboratories in the world, which is used, among the others, by NASA and the government of the USA. I recommend everybody the report of the visit which we can see thanks to the Television Trwam, the only nationwide television station which recorded and prepared the film material: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3y-qgtugSMi. So, if the governmental propagandists of the sign of the ‘GazetaWyborcza’ disavow prof. Binienda, it is just because he is a prominent expert and his work brings us closer to get to know the truth about the Smoleńsk air crash.

We must be aware of it and prepared for the fact that the closer we are – thanks to independent experts – to show Poles what really happened on 10 April 2010 in Smoleńsk, the more we will be attacked and slandered. Our answer to these attacks should be more determination and persistence in aiming at the truth. We owe it to the late president regardless of costs and consequences which are connected with it. It is our holy duty.


"Niedziela" 43/2013

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