In Europe there is more and more sex, but there are less and less marriages and children. People are dying and are becoming a one house of the elderly

Archbishop Józef Michalik became the media star of the last week. His awkward statement during a press conference met with an avalanche of comments. None of journalists focused on a thorough and explicit opinion of the Polish Episcopal Commission about protection of children and youth, but only on the analysis of a statement of the metropolitan of Przemyśl. The media campaign against the chairman of the Polish Episcopal Conference appeared anew after his words said on 16 October this year during jubilee ceremonies of cardinal Henryk Gulbinowicz and spread all over Poland. It was not even stopped by the statement of Fr. dr. Józef Kloch, the spokesman of the Polish Episcopal Conference during a meeting with journalists in Warsaw, who emphasized that the statement of archbishop Michalik was not shifting responsibility for pedophilia nor divorces, nor lonely upbringing of children, but emphasis of social factors increasing safety of sexual abuses from adults. Fr. Kloch repeated also the attitude of the Church in Poland – zero of tolerance for pedophilia.

Painful wounds

‘A lot is said about shameful abuses of adults towards children, this kind of evil cannot be tolerated but nobody asks about reasons. None of television stations is fighting against pornography, promotion of false egoistic love among people. Nobody stands for suffering children through lack of love of divorcing parents and these are painful and long-term wounds’. These are the words which were said by archbishop Michalik in Wrocław and caused a new anti-campaign of media. The chairman of the Polish Episcopal Conference expressed his anxiety towards the danger of the gender ideology, whose lectures had been ‘introduced into the most important universities in Poland’. ‘The gender ideology – said archbishop Michalik – raises a justified anxiety, as it diverges from law nature, promotes the so-called marriage relationships between people of the same sex, fights for a right of legalization of a child adoption by these couples, and it has been entering kindergartens and schools with an instruction that it is necessary to destroy the sense of embarrassment in a child from the early years and teach the child about possibilities of taking bodily pleasures despite the moral ethics, and even about possibilities of manipulating sexes to a free choice of sexes’ – he emphasized.

The words of the chairman of the Polish Episcopal Conference were called by ‘Gazeta Wyborcza’ as ‘an evidence of complete ignorance’. The author of the text writes that ‘feminism, gender, right for abortion – are scarers, which many bishops, including archbishop Michalik, willingly exposing during their speeches, sermons. But joining these phenomena with a problem of pedophilia, the archbishop breaks the reality and - wanting or not – he excuses the crimes and blurs responsibility for them’.

One should ask a question who is really blurring the reality.

The gender ideology is entering schools

The action of parents popularized in media, concerning not undergoing the pressure of feminist or homosexual environments about implementing compulsory leftist sexual education in kindergartens and schools, which is, in fact, a big depravation, was not mentioned in mass media. But, ‘the project of law enforced by these groups, will lead to ideological changes which may a real danger for upbringing and a right development of the young generation’ – the Polish Federation of Pro-Life Movements writes to the prime minister in an appeal. The Federation also warns that wherever the act was implemented, it ‘causes an increase in number of pregnancies and abortions among the underage and illnesses transmitted sexually’, and also ‘prepares for parental roles in a bad way’. Leftist education which emphasized biological, physiological human dimension, easily reduces love only to sexual life. Implementing such a model causes a situation that, for example, in Germany, Sweden and Great Britain teenagers statistically abort their pregnancies a few hundred times more often than in Poland. A similar situation is in Sweden and in Germany, where people become ill from AIDS about twice more often and in Great Britain- about six times more often. Here one can clearly see the superiority of the Polish model of educating to life in the family, which accentuates spirituality and personality of the man.

Pro-life activists are rightly concerned about the intention of the homosexual lobby concerning the ‘revision’ of school books in terms of ‘presenting a problem of the group of LGBTQ in them (a group of lesbians, gays, bi-sexuals, transgenders – with problems of sexes identification) and the so-called homophobic contents’. The anxiety is also raised by demands of homosexual groups to implement the ‘problem of LGBTQ’ in education and gender ideology and suggestions of excluding experts critically evaluating this ideology, from the evaluation of school books.

A real face of the gender ideology

These concerns are completely justified. I know it, basing on my rich experience. At my studies, during my academic and pastoral work, I spent over ten years abroad, I saw over 40 countries but I was in Germany the longest – for over seven years. Ideologies always hide their terrible purposes under a cover of beautiful theories. After all, the Nazis proclaimed that they were leading all Germans to happiness and communists were leading women to the greatest happiness, and in fact, they had femininity, motherhood, children’s happiness in contempt. A lot can be written about it, but for now it is only a handful of facts.

During the last electoral campaign to Bundestag, I was in Germany again and I was observing the loss of the party of the Greens, and especially of the leftist, gender program. The Germans realized the fact that the program of this party included legalization of pedophilia, which was a special aim of homosexual lobby. Moreover, the cases of pedophilia in educational institutions which were committed by activists of this party, came out to the daily light. Their management board had to explain it and apologize. In addition, it started speaking about a necessity of legalizing incest as if ’for a sake of balance’.

The hard core of gender programs includes sexualization among children from the infant’s age. Masturbation is to be taught at the age of four, and an intercourse with another person is to be taught not later than at the age of twelve (that is, in the fifth year of the primary school). It is black on white in their program, also in the directives of the World Health Organization and the European Union. This program is just being realized in kindergartens and schools, and parents are threatened with imprisonment for their refusal to send their child for these classes. For example, in Switzerland, children in kindergartens received sex-boxes with sexual organs as toys. In Germany the Education Ministry gave a brochure for parents in which they were persuaded to stimulate erogenous spheres of their children during their baths and bring them into the world of sexual experiences in this way. This persuasion to incestuous pedophilia was defined so innocently.

Parents decided that both the programs had been written by pedophiles and forced the authorities to withdraw them. To the indignation of gender ideologists, who did not give in their attitude, and accuse the whole society of ignorance. They also comforted that when it is brought up in a suitable way, these things will be introduced forever.

In Poland Joanna Senyszyn became famous for her contempt towards children. When she was fighting the ‘window of life’ where a baby can be left behind anonymously. After all, there is a group of women who can give birth to babies only if they have this kind of possibility in a wider perspective. In this way, thousands of children were saved in Europe starting from the Middle Age. Liquidation of these ‘windows’ would mean their death.

These facts and many others show what purpose of gender ideologists is. It is a brutal sexualization of children and the youth whose purpose is to make them sex-addicts. These kinds of people are closed up to the spiritual life, to faith and thinking, to a marriage and family, they are to be slaves of the leftist propaganda. It is a top down imposing of sexual revolution, an incredible group rape organized on the national culture.

It also shows the contempt of gender ideologists towards children, towards their parents, and the whole society. They want to impose their program, breaking the consciences and minds, destroying the principles of the constitution and parents’ rights to bring up their children according to their beliefs. Imposing the gender debauchery on the Christians is similar to imposing the faith in Mahomet on the Israelites. These programs are written only by people who are seriously sexually distorted, sexual maniacs who have a lot of partners and can impose their debauchery on the whole society.

It is not accidental. If an atheist closes himself up to what is spiritual, supreme, to faith, reason, love , to God – and reduces himself to the lower level by necessity, he falls into what is physical, especially sexual. He often lives in a sexual debauchery. He can persuade others to this debauchery so that he would not bad in comparison with others. Therefore, in Europe we can observe an iron regularity – where churches are closed down, public houses are opened. The man must live by something and satisfy himself with something. Therefore, in Europe we have more and more sex, but less and less married couples and children. We die, get older and become one big house of the elderly people.

But it is developing from the very essence of atheism. Atheists consider people as less intelligent animals but themselves as the most intelligent animals. Therefore, it is easier for them to express their contempt towards others, and even murder them – like animals. Hence, there are the biggest crimes in history done by atheists: victims of communism are estimated for about 150 million people. Now, they are treating their opponents with incredible contempt and media hatred. At least they want to exclude them from the public life – according to the idea of prepared acts – imprison them. ‘To kill’ them in this way. People who ‘forgive’ hundreds thousands of communists and Security Office workers the worst crimes in advance and chase priests for one improper sentence.

Attack on the Church

Atheists are addressing their hatred towards the Church because it is the biggest obstacle in their plans. It is being accompanied by the recent bashing against the Church as an alleged environment of pedophilia. It has been the main issue of the leftist media for over a month. In hundreds of publications journalists are trying to put an equation mark between pedophilia and priesthood.

Priests are presented with a similar hatred, like Jerzy Urban used to say and write about blessed Fr. Jerzy Popiełuszko. There is not only the call for murdering priests. But there can also be this kind of effect of this bashing, like the murder in Łódź can be an example – the effect of a similar political bashing.

Whereas hard statistics show that in Poland, in the recent ten years, about 6 thousand people have been sentenced for pedophilia, including only 27 priests, that is, less than half a per cent. In my archdiocese of Cracow, only one priest of 2200 priests working here, was convicted of pedophilia, that is, less than half a promil. World survey shows that, for example, in the USA or in Germany, among the convicted for pedophilia, one priests is per at least a thousand people. In addition, 40 per cent of pedophilia cases have homosexual character. These are men who raped only boys. Pedophiles are looking for a contact with a child, so there are many of them among PE teachers, coaches, heath service workers, educators in dormitories and orphanage houses. They also come from the sphere of the highest and richest class of the society. Those people used to try nearly everything in sex, but they are still unsatisfied and need stronger impressions. So, they are stretching out their hands towards children in their sexual debauchery. However, they have got enough money and power to remain impudent. Polański is a classic example here, he shows how it is done. All this driven by a sexual revolution and destroying the family. Because if everything is allowed apart from pedophilia, it is more difficult to maintain this exception. If there are more and more children from divorced families, or poor families deprived of basic care, they easily become the victims of pedophilia, who usually choose their victims, looking for the weakest ones.

None of communities is ideal, including the Church. But, it is coping with the problems of pedophilia better than our enemies with the problems of culprits of communist crimes or grabbing the national property for oneself.

How important it is to speak about other environments from which pedophiles come from – as long as it was all about the welfare of children. However, it is not about it, but about discrediting priesthood, about humiliating the Church, about depriving it of the authority and the right to participate in the public life.

However, paradoxically speaking, it is a tsunami of hatred which is overwhelming us, especially it strongly shows a value. If people who hate so much, tell so many lies, express their contempt so much, take place of our worst enemies – so how much good is what they are fighting: Christianity, faith, priesthood. If we are dealing with hundreds of people acting like Jerzy Urban or Lesław Maleszka, it was worth living like blessed John Paul II or blessed Fr. Jerzy Popiełuszko. From the perspective of God every victory of a lie or hatred is only local and temporary. The Church, especially in Poland, will turn out to be stronger than the gender ideology in the same way as it turned out to be stronger than nasizm or bolshevism. It is an honour and grace for us to be on its side.


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