On 12-13 October 2013 we were witnesses of great God Works which were done during Mary’s Day of the Year of Faith. First the inhabitants of the whole globe were saying the rosary prayer. The mass prayer to God was taking place on the eve of the historical event when the pope Francis re-entrusted the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. At this blessed time, Our Lady of Fatima became a pilgrim among the pilgrims, arriving specially in Rome from Fatima. On 12 October during the evening transcontinental prayer, rosary beads strongly joined the Earth with Heaven. Among the ten sanctuaries creating the stations of the prayer joined with the satellite way during the rosary live video transmission, there was Jasna Góra, the national sanctuary of Poles. We are grateful to the Holy Father Francis for inviting the spiritual capital city of Poland to the great prayer of Mary’s people in the world.

Pilgrims from all over Poland and the archdiocese of Częstochowa hurriedly arrived in crowds in Jasna Góra response to the call of the Holy Father and my invitation, in order to lead the second joyful mystery of the Holy Rosary: Visiting St. Elizabeth. The pilgrims were holding rosaries in their hands, as well as handkerchiefs, candles, and lanterns illuminating the sanctuary and the square of Jasna Góra – this light was a sign of vigil with Mary, leading to Christ.

God bless everybody – priests, monks, nuns, lay believers – for their mobilization in prayer during the rosary live video transmission, leading to the event in the Year of Faith, so much expected by everybody who chose Mary as the Guide in faith. Our special gratitude is expressed to Pauline Fathers and Brothers, who prepared the Jasna Góra prayer station with great care and were accompanying pilgrims. I also thank employers of press, radio and television and internet portals, and especially the Television Trwam and Radio Maryja for passing the invitation to others and encouraging everybody to our common vigil with Mary at the prayer and for reporting this event.

Mary, help us in our everyday life, so that God’s grace could do miracles in human hearts, lighten ‘the faith lights’ showing the way to holiness and helping us understand challenges of the presence in a better way. Teach us to testify life with Christ. Let God through your intercession make us messengers of your will.

Inviting you to Mary’s roads of holiness leading to Christ, the Redeemer of the man – for the sake of faithfulness to grace and joy coming from faith of heart, I give you my pastoral blessing –

ARCHBISHOP WACŁAW DEPO, the Metropolitan of Częstochowa

Częstochowa, 13 October 2013


"Niedziela" 42/2013

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