At the first glance – a normal family. He – a retired policeman, she – mum with a full-time work. Five children – including the one perfectly healed through the intercession of the Pope. – John Paul II was praying for me – says little Gloria when I am asking about her birth.

The papal day is an occasion to notice the action of God through the intercession of blessed John Paul II. We sometimes hear about miraculous healings. A well-known case through the intercession of blessed Pope is the story of Gloria Maria from Częstochowa. During the last holiday, I had an occasion to visit and listen to the testimony of life miracle told by her parents: Joanna and KacekWrona.

Although the girl was the third, longed and begged for mychild in prayer, pregnant Joanna was accompanied by anxiety from the very beginning. It was confirmed by doctors’ diagnosis – the child had not been developing for a few weeks. ‘Since that moment, I had been praying for the intercession of John Paul II. Every day I laid a picture of his image on my belly and I asked him for help in saving my baby’s life’ – says Joanna. The little girl did not have kidneys nor bladder. So, she could not live outside the mother’s organism. In addition, the pregnancy put Joanna’s life in danger. Doctors suggested ending it by caesarean section. The decision belonged to the mother, and the time was short. The decision was to be made by a phone call from a Franciscan ethics monk. – Friar Mieczysław had a feeling after a short talk that the caesarean section should be done quickly. He took relics of St. Theresa of Jesus Baby and prayed with me. He was wearing a stole of Father Pio. It was an impulse that I decided to have an operation – says Gloria’s mother. I asked the Holy Father to give me strength. In my heart I hoped that our Pope would help our babysurvive – says Mrs. Joanna.

The ninth day since the birth of Gloria Maria, will always be in the memory of the Wrona family. They see the picture even today; their baby is lying in an incubator, in the corridor, a bit agitated doctors are talking loudly. One of them is coming up to Joanna and says that a bladder and kidneys got formed in the body of her daughter. Joanna was standing flabbergasted for a while. Later she called her husband and children. –It is a miracle! The Pope helped us – she shouted on the phone.

Gloria Maria did not stand out of teenagers in her development. When the beatification process of the Polish Pope started, Gloria’s parents sent the testimony of the miraculous healing through his intercession, in a form of a brochure to Vatican. – We were very surprised when it turned out that the story of our daughter had been used in the beatification process – said JacekWrona. The story of Gloria Maria got onto the pages of many newspapers. There were also many books published. The Wrona family are traveling in Poland to testify the fruits of their persistent prayer and the intercession of the saints. They also pray for graces for others. We received a lot of requests for a prayer. Every day our whole family pray for the intentions sent via the website: We take the intentions to the JasnaGóra throne. The story of Gloria Maria shows us how much a trustful prayer to God is through the intercession of blessed John Paul II.


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