I think that there is no man in the world who would not be scared by the situation in Syria recently. I am not an expert in political affairs or I am not interested in politics. Therefore, I suggest looking at this problem from the spiritual point of view. The more I travel all over the world, the more I am convinced that the man builds around himself exactly the same what he has inside himself. Somebody who is trying to make his heart a treasury of joy, love and peace, he will be trying to implement these values in his surroundings. It is analogical in the case when we will allow the evil to replace the good. Somebody who is sad, builds a depressing atmosphere in his surroundings. Somebody who is full of fear, will see a hooligan at every corner, who is planning an attack on his life. Whereas, I am trying to be close to Christ who is a Prince of Peace and my heart. As a result, if there are some difficult days, I know, that regardless of what is happening around me, I do not forget that in my heart there is One who is a Giver of Peace.

I often realized the fact that I can get real peace from Him. So, we see that everything starts with and depends on our heart. We are creators of the appearance of our inside to much extent. If I think I am mature and responsible for what happens inside me, I will not feed myself with ideas which stimulate me to do evil, but I am looking for websites on Internet, for example, which contain positive messages.

You may ask what the websites we look at have in common with the war in Syria? Well, allegedly, nothing. But it seems to me that it would be wrong to blame only politicians for everything. As believers, we must hope that the fate of the world is not only in the hands of the country leaders, that the Holy Spirit has something to say in this matter.

We must remember that the Holy Spirit does not act like a superman, will not arrive and will not arrange our matters. It is not possible for a few simple reasons. The first reason is in the Genesis when God speaks to people: ‘make the land subordinate to you’(see the Genesis 1.28). However, after the first sin it turned out that we are not able to build peace on our own, but God did not leave us with it, but He sent His Son, Prince of Peace to us. He returned to His Father, after fulfilling his mission and he left his Spirit who is still conducting his work. We still like it.

However, we must remember that God made us free and regardless to anything, He respects our freedom. It results from the fact that if we want the Holy Spirit act in us, in our world, first we should take care of implementing peace in our hearts. I am fully sure that if we allow the Holy Spirit create peace in our souls, not only will He create it, but he will take the peace to those places where it is needed the most. So, let’s open up to the Holy Spirit and the gift of peace which He offers to us, trusting that in this way we will contribute to happiness in the world.


"Niedziela" 40/2013

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