In western countries millions of people protest against the results of implementing the gender ideology, about which Benedict XVI said that it is worse than communism. In Poland we ignore this danger because we know very little about it. Whereas promoters of the gender ideology are manipulating our children.

In 2006 the German police broke into the house of the Plett family with the order of taking away children from parents and arresting the adults. The reason was that the PLett Family had taken their children from school. They did it because they did not want they children to be taught about masturbation and that it was worth having a few sexual partners. And also that it did not matter whether somebody was born a boy or a girl because somebody’s sex can be changed according to one’s whim.

In Canada a historian David Mullan wrote a letter to an Anglican bishop, in which he called homosexuality ‘unnatural’. When the letter was made public, the fine in the amount of a half of academic salary was imposed on the respected scientist. Even five-year-old children in England can be punished by similar statements. It caused implementing the so-called registers of speech of hatred into schools, within ‘equality’ programs. There are no Catholic adoption centres in the UK, because those who ran these institutions, did not want to give orphaned children to homosexual couples.

A German institution of the Greens party wants to make the next step – as it declares – towards equality and demands the statutory acknowledgment that more than two parents can be a care-taker of a child. So, the Greens party want to equalize the status of married couples with polyamory couples, that is, the ones in which, for example, a woman shares her flat with one man, but she has sex with other men and women. A man in this couple can also have other sexual partners among men and women. And they all are to have an equal right to bring up children.

We are endangered by a global cultural revolution, which destroys fundaments of our human existence – dr. Gabriele Kuby warned at a conference ‘Let’s have courage to teach and bring up’, which was held in the Seminary in the diocese of Warsaw, under the honourable patronage of archbishop Henryk Hoser. The meeting with the German sociologist was attended by over 300 people from whole Poland.

According to Gabriele Kuby, in the times communism, Poland and other countries of our part of Europe, were cut off from propaganda changes, by the common movement of radical feminists. – However, it is seen that now these groups want to make up for the lost time – said the author of the book ‘Global sexual revolution’. – And they receive money for their activity from the European Union and the United Nations Organization. (…). So, this madness is financed from our taxes and it takes on various forms going beyond the human imagination – emphasized dr. Kuby.

‘The Catholic Church is the worst’

The first big meeting of gender promoters took place in Poland in 1997. Among guests there was a known psychologist and lecturer at the University of Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński – Prof. Maria Ryś, another speaker at the conference. – At that time, they might not have known who we are and why we were there – she noted. Participants of the first meeting of gender ideologists were shown a book for the youth. – It was a comics in which one boy said to another boy that ‘he had already finished with that gay’. On other pages it turned out that ‘this gay’ was a priest – said Prof. Ryś and she added: - When we asked: ‘Why?’, we heard the answer: ‘Because the Catholic church is the worst enemy of implementing the gender ideology’.

It was the reason why in public statements of gender ideologists, priests are presented as perverts and nuns are presented with distorted personality – This kind of message is to cause a loss of safety among people for whom the Church is an authority. The Church is an authority – Prof. Ryś explained.

According to the psychologist, beside slandering the Church as an institution, another strategy of actions used by homosexual groups is mocking at its representatives. Prof. Ryś said it on Saturday 21 September. A dozen hours later, one of the most known representatives of the LGBT group in Poland, Robert Biedroń, wrote on Twitter: ‘Pope Francis is quite cool. He speaks well. So, either he spoke well with Dalajlama or he smokes good marijuana…’ Also the MP of Palikot’s party confirmed that even if he agrees with the Pope in an issue, he does not stop mocking at him.

Since the meeting in 1997, it has been 16 years. Today in Poland, homosexual and feminist groups educate their staff at a dozen universities with the so-called gender studies. In Germany there are 47 similar institutes, and they employ over 170 people with PhD degrees. At these faculties theoretical basis for the promoted changes are created.

At the same time, nothing is said about results of researches done by scientists, who show how destructive the results of the gender ideology are. And these researches prove that young people who resign from sexual activity at their adulthood, are healthier and have more achievements in their studies. Moreover, they are in poverty less often and they build permanent relationships. Moreover, nothing is said that only 2 per cent of homosexuals declare their willingness to live in a permanent relationship, but they receive rights equal with the rights of heterosexual married couples and rights to adopt children.

- There is no dispute about contradictions in the gender ideology. Because if it is stated that somebody’s sex can be freely changed, so, how can one believe that homosexuality is permanent? – asked Prof.Ryś.

An attack against children

In Poland there are more active associations which popularize the gender ideology among children and the youth. Why do promoters of this ideology are more willing to go to them? – Everybody who wants to create a new culture, build a new man, must start with the youngest – explains dr. Kuby.

Representatives of the associations like ‘Pontoon’, ‘Navigator’ or ‘Swallow’ come to schools and nurseries where they promote ideas which can be found in books entitled: ‘A big book of girls’ sexual organ, ‘A big book of boys’ sexual organ’, or ‘A big book about abortion’.

In the last one we can read about a baby is only when he/she is wanted. And when he/she is unwanted, he/she is a potential being – said Prof. Ryś and added: - When we said that these ideas hurt children, we heard an answer that children are hurt by religion.

At present, in Poland over 80 nurseries are implementing ‘equality’ programs. During these classes, little girls learn that men are aggressive. And their problem is based on the fact that they are not determined. When it is time to tidy up in the nursery, boys are chosen to do it, and girls are playing at that time. But not with dolls, only with blocks. – This program is a farce – said Joanna Białobrzeska, a pedagogue and owner of a nursery. In her opinion, adults must be aware that today’s upbringing is a pure ideology.

- The school does not teach an independent way of thinking, but taking tests – said Białobrzeska. The speaker emphasized that the problem is also the fact that today’s parents do not care about upbringing their children. They are more absorbed with earning money than giving time to their children. But their own attitude can protect their children from bad examples and the harmful ideology. – Their own example is important in upbringing, because upbringing is where we live – emphasized Fr. Dr. Mirosław Nowowsielski during the conference. And what to do so that children would reject the gender ideology? –What between a father and a mother, influences children. It is necessary to have good relationships in the family. It is important to show that children sexes complement each other. So, adults should bring up children according to their own sexes – said the priest and added: One good family can do more than lectures.

Media watchtowers

An important thread appearing in pronouncements of most speakers was the attitude of mass media to the gender ideology. Dr. Kuby said that in Germany Parisians’ protests against equalizing rights of homosexual couples with the rights of heterosexual married couples were described as crowds of many thousand people, although over a million French people participated in them. Joanna Białobrzeska noted the message which goes to children from youth magazines. – There are three domineering topics in these magazines: sex, clothes and magic – she said.

The importance of mass media in the context of the gender ideology and other contemporary dangers was also a topic of Jacek Karnowski’s speech. – The lie and manipulation are effective only when nobody says that something can be different – said the chief editor of the weekly ‘wSieci’ and he compared the contemporary editorial offices to academic seminaries, whose members are still thinking how to react to dangers. – Editorial offices are centres which are watchtowers of communities, in this case the Catholic, Christian or conservatives ones. We will lose without these watchtowers. We will hardly change anything with protests. We must change our watchtowers – emphasized Karnowski.


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