The government seems to move onto leftist positions. Instead of saving the health service, education and economy, the government representatives use a peculiar hierarchy. In the first place, they are dealing with the problems of homosexual communities and organizations (LGBT) and the gender ideology. And so is the Justice Ministry working on the act which is to assure respect and legal protection to transsexuals. One of the purposes of the act would be simplifying the law allowing for the change of sex. Courts will act in a simplified non-process proceeding. First, doctors’ commission would decide whether transsexualism is a permanent or temporary phenomenon. With this kind of decision, a transsexual could undergo a surgery, and then the court could give out a statement about the correction of registered sex, introducing changes into the current acts of the marital status, so that it would be possible to issue an ID card. Only the birth act would be unchanged.

The work on this projects shows the Polish government is subjected to influences of the gender theory (variety of human sexes) and opening a way for changes in this sphere may cause a possibility of a sex change soon, after submitting a declaration to a clerk. I will add that Anna Grodzka from the party of Palikot demands to make it possible for having surgeries done before starting studies.

The fact how persistent the promoting the gender ideology is in our country, is proved by another project of the act which, under the pretext of a fight against discrimination, is supposed to assure a privileged position to homosexual groups. It is all about the changes which the parliamentarians of the Democratic Left Alliance and the Party of Palikot want to add the implementation of discrimination message to the current anti-discrimination act, in respect of the identity and sex expression. If they managed to do it, sex identity disorders, such as transvestism and transsexualism would be protected. Moreover, in the novelization project, the definition of ‘harassment’, which, differently than so far – will also be referred to the content included in an advertisement, which may mean a necessity of creating special advertisements, including people leading homosexual life style. There may be a situation that an advertisement presenting a natural family at the table, will be accused of creating a ‘humiliating and offensive atmosphere’ for homosexuals.

The purpose of the project is a duty of cooperation between state authorities and the local government with homosexual organizations within realization of the so-called anti-discrimination which would practically mean fighting pro-family attitudes and promoting immoral behaviours for money of tax-payers and with the usage of state institutions. Shortly speaking, if it was possible to implement the changes into the act, there would be unprecedented privileging homosexual organizations which will be able to sue all subjects, presenting content aimed against their opinion, to the court.

Parliamentarians of the Democratic Left Alliance and the Party of Palikot, supported by the Civic Platform party, that the binding anti-discrimination act of 3 December 2010 does not fulfill directives of the European Union in this sphere. It is not true because similar attempts of radicalizing this act were rejected by the English, Irish and Austrians.

If leftist parliamentarians managed to implement the presented changes, I would be accused of discrimination, and forced to raise costs of compensation and redress. What is more, the accusation of discrimination would be aimed at, for example, suppliers of goods or services, who refused to make a transaction because of a different sexual orientation, expression and sex identity of others. Act provisions will also concern any educational services – not only those services provided by educational centres and higher education centres, but also language courses, vocational or improvement courses. Briefly speaking – a men’s school will not be allowed to refuse, for example, to employ a homosexual as a PE teacher, which is permitted now. It should be added that with the passing of the Act, there will be sex-educator at schools, who will promote ‘various visions of sexuality’ and any opposition of parents will be recognized as an act of discrimination, which will be punished.

Because the above novelization was submitted to the Seym Justice and Human Rights Commission by the majority of votes after the first reading, one could expect that it would be passed. Therefore, according to the organizers of the campaign ‘Stop against the dictatorship of the minority’, including me, we should say ‘no’ to these scandalous changes. If we do not do it, it may happen that our each critical opinion on homosexual groups will become the basis for making accusations of discrimination! We should express our opposition, by sending our opinion to the marshal of the Seym Ewa Kopacz, the Secretariat and the Office of the Chairman of the Ministers’ Council and the Justice Minister. Addresses and the example of the protest are on the website: www.


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