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On 18 September, during a general audience on St. Peter’s square in Vatican Pope Francis spoke about the Church as our mother, continuing reflections which he had begun a weak earlier.

The Holy Father emphasized that a good mother teaches us how to go through our life well. The Church is doing that similarly, teaching the Decalogue which- as he emphasized – is the fruit of God’s love. It encourages us ‘not to make any material idols which possess us, but to remember about God, respect our parents, be honest, respect another man…Try to see and treat them as if they were words, teachings which a mother gives. The mother never teaches what is bad, but she wants only the welfare of her children and so is doing the Church’ – said pope Francis.

The Holy Father noted that when children have grown up, they become independent, they often get lost on their life way then. However, in every situation the mother is patient in order to accompany them, and when they have made mistakes, she can always understand them, be close to them in order to help them. He reminded that even if children get to prison, their mothers still love them, despite of humiliation which they are experiencing. The Church is the same – It is a merciful mother, who understands, always tries to help, cheer up, also the children who have got lost their path and are still losing their path, she never closes the door of home. She does not judge, but gives Divine Forgiveness, gives God’s love which encourages to undertake a path anew – also to her children who fell into a deep abyss, she is not afraid of entering their night in order to give hope – said the Holy Father.

- Mothers can knock, first of all, to the gate of God’s heart and ask – he noted. They pray a lot for their children, especially for the weakest ones, for those in the biggest needs, for those who chose very dangerous or false paths in their lives. He reminded the example of mother of St. Augustine – St. Monika. He encouraged mothers to pray for their children all the time. He added, that the Church is doing the same by: ‘the prayer it places all situation of all its children in God’s hands. We trust in the power of the mother’s prayer – the prayer of the Church: Lord is not indifferent! He can always surprise us when we do not expect it! Mother – the Church knows it!’ – said the Pope Francis.


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