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• On 2 September the Jasna Góra Music School inaugurated its new school year 2013/14. The Holy Mass attended by children, parents, teachers and educators and headmasters of the school, was presided over by Friar Jan Poteralski, a catechist and a chaplain of the school

• 3 and 4 September there were held prayers of the participants of the 41st Walking Pilgrimage of Clerics of the Metropolitan Seminary in Wrocław. The Holy Mass was presided over by Fr. Artur Stochła, the prefect of the seminary.

• 8 September at Jasna Góra the 4th Pilgrimage of the Social Insurance Company was praying. The participants were directors, managers and employees of many departments of the Social Insurance Company. There was Zbigniew Derdziuk, the chairman of the Social Insurance Company, with the Management.


• 23 – 26 September – retreats of the chaplains of the Polish Army

• 27/28 September a pilgrimage of believers of the archdiocese of Szczecin

• 28 September a pilgrimage of Helpers of Mother of the Church

• 28/29 September - a Work of Mercy – Prayer Groups of St. Friar Pio

• 29 September – Jasna Góra Meeting of Police

• 29 September – the 1st National Pilgrimage of Catechists of the Year of Faith

A victory will come through Mary the immaculate

In the difficult times, just after the end of the Second World War, on 8 September 1946, on the Feast of the Birth of Blessed Mary the Virgin, the primate August Hlond entrusted Poland to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. In the current Year of the Primate Hlond, organised in Silesia in relation to the 65th anniversary of cardinal Hlond’s death on 22 October, in Jasna Góra the archdiocese of Częstochowa reminded about this historical act of entrustment to Mary’s Heart in 1946.

Pilgrims gathered in Jasna Góra on 8 September 2013, at the Holy Mass, which was presided over and whose homily was preached by archbishop Wacław Depo – the Metropolitan of Częstochowa. The Eucharist was celebrated by archbishop Damian Zimoń – retired metropolitan of Katowice, Fr. Hanusz Bąk – the delegate of the military bishop for combatants, Fr. Krzysztof Bytomski – a commander of the Scouting Pilgrimage, Fr. Inf. Marian Mikołajczyk – a provost of the Chapter of Częstochowa Archdiocese. Among the pilgrims there were participants of the 42nd Pilgrimage of Combatants of the National Army, 31st Pilgrimage of Scouts of the Scouting Association of the Polish Republic, Brotherhood of Blessed Mary the Queen of the Polish Crown, functioning at Jasna Góra under the leadership of Friar Albert Szustak and believers of the archdiocese of Częstochowa.

In the homily archbishop Wacław Depo referred to the anniversary of the historical event which was the Act of Entrustment of the Polish Nation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. He emphasized that this act of 1946, as well as Jasna Góra Vows of the Polish Nation of 1956 and the Entrustment Act of John Paul II of 1979 cannot be only understood as a record of the past, but they must bring fruit with everyday life, with faithfulness to grace despite of dangers. They must be a challenge for our consciences through a rosary prayer, attending the confession and receiving the Holy Communion of the first Saturdays of the months and courage of entrustment of oneself and one’s family to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in our whole future. – There is our hope in this Immaculate Heart! – emphasized archbishop Depo. At the end of the Eucharist, the Metropolitan of Częstochowa, kneeling in front of the Image of Our Lady of Jasna Góra, read the act of the entrustment to Mary’s Heart, prepared in 1946 by cardinal August Hlond. Believers – also kneeling – were repeating among the others, the words: ‘Intercede in the request of the Polish nation for the persistence in faith, holiness of life and understanding the mission, unite it in harmony and brotherly love’. The message to the participants of the celebrations and the common prayer at Jasna Góra was addressed by: archbishop Celestino MIgliore – an apostolic nuncio in Poland, archbishop Józef Michalik, the chairman of the Polish Episcopal Conference, archbishop Józef Kowalczyk – the Primate of Poland and archbishop Wiktor Skworc – the metropolitan of Katowice.

Let’s read ‘Jasna Góra’!

Silence – peace – prayer are topics briefly presented in the September – October edition of the bi-monthly 'Jasna Góra'. 'Inner silence are a space which helps people in finding themselves' we read in the text entitled 'Silence is God's language'. This is a record of the retreats of Fr. Stanisław Turek – the Pauline Friar, addressed to the Jasna Góra Rosary Family. 'Everyday we are overwhelmed by an avalanche of words' notes the author. 'In this jungle it is hard for us to find the truth'. 'A violence is being done against the word'. Reflections of the author, quoted statements of Tomasz Merton, Wanda Rutkiewicz, blessed Mother Theresa of Calcuta allow for appreciating the significance of silence, which is 'more beautiful than music'.

Impossible is possible – this reflection is suggested by a story about peregrination of the copy of the Icon of Our Lady of Jasna Góra 'From Ocean to Ocean', that is, from Vladivostok to Fatima. The peregrination has united the Catholics and the Orthodox from 24 countries of Asia and Europe, in the prayer of life defence. The author of this icon copy of Our Lady of Jasna Góra is Ewa Kowalewska from Human Life International.

'The prayer for peace is going round the world', because, as Fr. Albert Szustak writes, in other places of the globe altars of Perpetual Adoration are consecrated in the intention of the prayer for peace. The first of them is in the chapel of the church of the Armenian Catholics in Jerusalem, the second one is in the sanctuary of Mary the Queen of Peace in Oziornoje in Kazakhstan. The next planned centres of the prayer in the intention of peace are Kibeho in Rwanda and Jamusucro on the Ivory Coast.

In the historical column – this time there is reminiscence of Fr. Eustachy Rakoczy, a Pauline Father, about the gen. Wacław Stachiewicz,who was a commander of the Częstochowa Regiment 85 years ago. In the series of the mourning card – there is reminiscence about the deceased this June Fr. Zygmunt Okliński.

The bimonthly also brings reflections of the Rosary Prayer, presents treasures of Jasna Góra, a chronicle of Jasna Góra and other permanent columns.

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