On 7 September this year, during a prayer vigil on the St. Peter’s Square in Rome, the pope Francis appealed for forgiveness, reconciliation and a dialogue in Syria, in the Middle East and all over the world, for a fervent prayer in the intention of peace, and also for the change of hearts, so that everybody would become people of reconciliation and peace. His reflections addressed to believers, was begun by the Holy Father with a biblical description of creation of the world and the human being, where it is said that God did everything good. – It points out to the fact that the world, being a harmonious whole, is good in God’s plan – said pope Francis. He emphasized that another man is a brother or a sister who should be loved. God’s world is a world in which everybody feels responsible for another man, for the good of another man – said the pope. – The reality of the world, in which we live, diverges from our desires – noted the Holy Father. Although the creation maintains its beauty, there is also violence, division, conflict and war in it. It is when the man closes up himself in his egoism and puts himself in the centre, when he allows for being charmed by gods of reign and power, when he puts himself in the place of God. Then all relations are destroyed and gates of violence, indifference and conflicts open.

The Holy Father expressed his belief that there is an alternative for spirals of pain and death, that it is possible to walk roads of peace. He encouraged everybody, especially those who govern countries, to opt for this road, so that all people would look at Christ’s cross. For, on the cross, it is possible to read an answer of God. There was no violence against violence there. – In silence of the Cross, noise of weapons ceases and the language of reconciliation, forgiveness, dialogue and peace speaks – said the Holy Father. – I would like to ask God tonight, so that we, the Christians, brothers believing in various religions, each man and a woman of good will would shout with power: violence and war have never been roads of peace! Each of you should look at the depth of your conscience and listen to the word, which says: go beyond your business which cause a loss of heart, overcome indifference towards another man which makes the hearts insensitive, overcome your right opinions about death and open yourself up to a dialogue – look at the pain of your brother and do not add any more pain, hold back your hand, rebuild harmony which was destroyed; and not through a fight, but through a meeting. A war means a defeat of peace, but is always a defeat for humankind – said pope Francis.


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