Fr. Paweł Borowski talks with bishop Andrzej Suski about the pilgrimage of the Jasna Góra Image of Our Lady through parishes of the diocese of Toruń

Our Lady in the copy of the Miraculous Image of Jasna Góra, has been making the pilgrimage in diocese of Toruń since 26 August 2012. On 15 September 2013 it finishes this phase of its pilgrimage. In relation to it, we edit an interview with the bishop of the diocese of Toruń Andrzej Suski. On 21 September the beginning of the peregrination in the diocese of Ełk is planned, which is going to last till 7 June 2014

FR. PAWEŁ BOROWSKI: - How does bishop evaluate the passing time of the peregrination of the image copy of the Miraculous Image of Our Lady of Jasna Góra in the diocese of Toruń?

BISHOP ANDRZEJ SUSKI: - Many diocesans have been experiencing this event for the first time. It is a special meeting with Our Lady for them. For, every year a big group of pilgrims, especially the young ones, set off for this meeting in Częstochowa. This time, the Jasna Góra Image in the exact copy of the Queen of Poland is arriving to us. I am a witness of great joy and enthusiasm of parish communities which are taking Mary with supreme honour, expressions of adoration and love. The attendance of believers at prayer meetings was beyond my expectations. The spiritual atmosphere of those meetings can be expressed in the words from the Acts of the Apostles: ‘They remained in the teaching of the Apostles and in the community, in breaking bread and a prayer’ (2.42).

– Bishop is making the pilgrimage with the Miraculous Image from a parish to a parish, like a pilgrim, meeting with people, observing their reactions. Can we speak about the fruits of the peregrination now?

– Me and the auxiliary bishop are accompanying Our Lady on the route of peregrination to the parish of our diocese. We know that peregrination is taking place at the special time of the Year of Faith celebrated in the universal Church. Therefore, the leading motto are the words: ‘Mary, lead us on the road of faith’, that is, a road of entrustment to God, accepting Christ and His Gospel as the truth and life according to the truth. On this road Mary is a Guide for us, when she says: ‘Here I am your servant, let it happen to me according to your word’ (Lucas 1.38), and also when she shares her faith with us: ‘Do everything whatever he tells you to’ (J 2.5).
The fruit of this peregrination is revival of faith which is proved by high attendance of believers at the Image of Our Lady, in the spiritual preparation during a retreat , in entrustments written and put into stony jars, referring to the event in Cana. The revival in faith is also reflected in many confessions and holy Communions, in prayers and prayer vigils at the Image, in repairing family ties and undertaking charity works. It is difficult to see and present particular fruits of the peregrination, because in most cases they appear in the recesses of human souls. One thing is certain: meetings with Our Lady are not only limited to outer effects. They help our hearts record the experiences which are like a sowing grain, and much time is needed for fruits to bring the harvest.

– We are asking for a message for diocesans in relation to the end of the peregrination.

– We thank Our Lady who, as Perpetual help, is the Patron of our diocese, for this time of grace and the meeting with Her on our earth. Let Mary lead us on the road of faith in the times of serious dangers for our Christian identity. The alive faith, which reflects in our life. Courageous faith which always stands clearly on the side of Christ and Gospel. Joyful and apostolic faith which gets strengthened when it is passed to others.


"Niedziela" 37/2013

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