Somebody who reads only titles, will think that I am writing about a sport or political event worrying us. Whereas, wanting to separate oneself from politics – parliamentarians have holiday break – I wanted to note not less important events, which are happening or are coming to us. On 13 October 2013, pope Francis will make an act of sacrificing Russia and the world to the Immaculate of Mary’s Heart. He will do it similarly as John Paul II on 25 March 1984, that is, with other bishops of the world, and they will come to Vatican specially on this day to stand in front of the statue of Our Lady of Fatima. It is not going to be an ‘attempt’ of pope Francis to entrust Russia and the world to Our Lady again, but pointing to the actuality of the message from Fatima, about which John Paul II used to say: ‘Mary’s message is not only for one moment. Her appeal must be undertaken from generation to generation, according to new signs of time. We must return to it all the time’.

What new signs are mentioned? I think that a lot can happen both before and in the very year 2017, in which there is going to be the 100th anniversary of Fatima revelations, as well as many anniversaries and jubilees of events, which shocked the Church and the world. The Church for sure, after all, nearly 500 years ago, on 31 October, Martin Luther hang 95 thesis on the door of the church in Wittenberg, calling for a dispute with them. He gave the beginning to the western schism of the Church whose tragic consequences have been lasting for so many centuries.

Whereas 400 years ago Elias Ashmole was born (1617-1692), an antiquarian, astrologer and a founder of the museum in Oxford, who recorded a day of his initiation in his diary, namely, under the date of 16 October 1646, at 4.30 pm he wrote: ‘I was a mason in Warrington in the county of Lancashire, with the colonel Henry Mainwaring from Chesire’. The recording is important as it confirms the existence of freemasonry at that time as a movement fighting against the Catholic Church.

However, not earlier than 300 years ago, in the year 1717, on the day of St. John the Baptist, on 24 June, representatives of four freemasonry lodges existing in London at that time, had met in an alehouse ‘Goose & Gridiron’, in order to create ‘ A Big Native Lodge of the World’ and choose its great master. In the same century, freemasonry caused the Great French Revolution, whereas, after it, in 1917 – the Great Revolution in Russia. The latter one was to celebrate the round jubilee of the 200th anniversary of existence of this conspiracy organization with its victory.

When in October 1917 in the streets of Rome, a regular, Masonic protest was organized under the sign of satan, its participants announced openly, that the result of their actions was the reign of the devil. During the protest, a black banner was unfolded, presenting the person of Archangel Michael, knocked down on the ground, and being in the grip of Lucifer. On one of the banners there was a slogan postulating in the form of an imperative: ‘Satan must reign in Vatican, and pope will be his servant’.

Enormous anti-Catholic manifestations made a big impression on the young student Maksymilian Kolbe. As he wrote in reply: ‘more and more open actions of the Masons and other enemies of Christ’s Church in the very capital city of Christian’, on 16 October 1917 he created an association under ‘Militia Immaculate’ his leadership (Knighthood of the Immaculate), devoting himself completely to and absolutely to the service to the Immaculate Virgin. Later, on pages of ‘A knight of the Immaculate’, writing about the disappearance of morality, especially, among young people, Fr. Maksymilian Kolbe justified this phenomenon with the fact that ‘cinemas, theatres, literature, art, directed mostly by an invisible hand of freemasonry, instead of developing education, were working according to the idea of resolution of masons: ‘We will not win with the Catholic Church with the reasoning, but destruction of morals’.

Today we know that this explosion of hatred towards the Church was an answer to the sign of hope, which people received from Heaven on 13 May 1917. Our Lady, appearing in Fatima, announced an outbreak of revolution in Russia, lots of sufferings of Pope and believers, after which there was going to be the triumph of Her Immaculate Heart. Shortly speaking, in the image of victory of Our Lady, one can see an eschatological sign, announcing the end of times, approaching Parousia.

Considering the new explosion of hatred to the Church and believers at present, as well as persecuting and killing the Christians on the global scale, destroying the holiness of life, marriage and family, legal sanctioning perversions, it should be stated that the Fatima message is approaching the final in our times. These are the ‘new signs’ of evil, which, together with the pontificate of John Paul II, pontificate of suffering and hope announced in Fatima, bring us closer to the year 2017, maybe to the Fatima final, the Great Hour of Mary, to Her announced victory.


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