Last week I wrote about a fake of a super-quick train Pendolino, which was purchased by Polish railway, with the consent of the government. Well, this train was purchased without wagons, with a special service system, which enables travel at high speed on turns. Consequently, the super-quick train Pendolino will go sedately and slowly in Poland; providing it will work at all, because it is not known if we will manage to rebuild the tracks…

Wherever we look, we see this kind of fakes in our country. I am very concerned while observing that the government of the Prime Minister Tusk and his party in the alliance with the Polish Peasant Party caused a situation in which the Polish country became a fake of a righteous country. Ersatz, not to say a shell. However, the meaning of the reality is implacable. The most drastic example is the process of the Smoleńsk investigation. But we also face up other signs of lack of professionalism among the most important officials in our country.

In Egypt, at tourist time, there are a dozen thousand Poles. In June it was known that in this country military attacks would start and there would be a civil war at any time. The USA and Germany warned their citizens against travelling to Egypt and advised those who had already been there, to return to their country. However, the Polish Foreign Ministry kept on giving information that tourists in Egypt were not in danger, as long as they stayed in their centres and unless they went to Cairo.

Luckily, none of Poles in Egypt has been killed in the fights between the Muslim Brotherhood and the army so far. And of somebody is killed, will the Foreign Ministry take the responsibility? It may be a reason that the Polish country, and in this case the Foreign Ministry – as its representative, does not feel responsible for the safety of Polish citizens? The Department of a state of the USA thinks that all citizens of the USA deserve care from it. The resorts of foreign affairs in Germany or Israel think in the similar way about citizens of these countries, indeed. We don’t.

Can’t we see the humiliation of our country here? It does not care about the explanation of the Smoleńsk catastrophe, it does not care about the fate of Poles in Egypt. Doesn’t it care about anything at all?

It is not a country any more, it is a fake country.

P.S. It was not earlier than on 21 August, when the spokesman of the Foreign Ministry decided to warn Poles against travels to Egypt. After two months of long concerns, and even military attacks in this country! And a few days before, there were other trips of Poles to Egypt, because the Foreign Ministry assured that it was safe in holiday resorts.


"Niedziela" 35/2013

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