The Woodstock stop, organized for 19 years, in its purpose is thanking to volunteers for their work during the Final of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. The Woodstock fields are visited by a few hundred thousand ‘volunteers’ every year and other people who want to listen to music performed by bands from Poland and abroad.

A special religious ministry is being performed for 14 years by participants of the Stop of Jesus, who devote their time in order to proclaim the Gospel, and, first of all, bring the truth.

After the First Congress of New Evangelization of last year, which was held in Kostrzyn at the Oder, this year, at the Stop of Jesus there have been a record number of evangelizers. Finally, after the verification at the Stop of Jesus even 750 people were assisting. One of them was Dominika Szałas from Radom. – It is the first time I have been at the Stop. I came here because Lord Jesus takes the first place in my life and I would like to share it with others. I heard other testimonies that in fact at the Stop we receive more than we give others. We are trying to proclaim the Gospel but we also receive power and strength from here – Dominika said.

Over 100 people are responsible for a good course of the Stop, so that such a big initiative could take place. The initiative, prepared for the next edition, begins many months earlier. Each participant of the Stop of Jesus was assigned for a group and had particular teams. It was necessary to take care for the basis of the Stop of Jesus in Kostrzyn, take care of food and hygienic issue. After all, the well-prepared evangelization is also revealed in care about basic human needs.

An interesting thing of this year’s Stop of Jesus was music formation. These are our friends whom we met during evangelization in Cologne. They came to us from Germany and from Luxembourg. Every day they are connected with groups of the Renewal in the Holy Spirit. A married couple, leading an adoration prayer comes from Luxembourg. They cancelled their holidays and came here to serve with us – explained Robert Kościuszko, a press spokesman of the Stop of Jesus.

Evangelisers arrived mainly from Poland. But they also arrived from Ukraine, Belarus, Germany, Luxemburg, France. Also many missionaries, serving in various countries, joined. However, everybody are connected with Poland or with the Polish Diaspora.

Each Stop of Jesus begins with retreats for evangelisers. This year, similarly as in previous years, they were presided over by bishop Edward Dajczak from Koszalin. The issues of the retreats were concentrated on the truth: God is good – Jesus, I trust you. The image of Merciful Jesus was accompanying participants of the Stop in the church of Blessed Mary the Virgin Mother of the Church in Kostrzyn. A big banner with the image of Lord Jesus was placed in it. The church was the centre of prayer and formation for participants of the Stop of Jesus.

– This year we have struggled with a difficult decision of organizers of the Woodstock Stop. Every year we are pushed aside onto the margin. We always try to see advantages in it. There are still a lot of us, we are still colourful, happy and absorbed in singing. Our evangelisers are seen at Woodstock – but we are a bit sad. Media say about the Stop of Jesus, that we are useful, but on the other hand, we are surrounded by shops, toilets, drainage ditches this year. It is possible to get to us only through a path. It makes evangelization difficult. However, we do not give up. This year our religious ministry must be mainly outgoing evangelization.

Every time we must go out to a particular man – added Robert Kościuszko.

The village of the Stop of Jesus, although it is far from the centre of the Woodstock field, was full of vigour. There was a podium used for animation, singing and a prayer. It was also possible to see valuable films showed in the evenings. There was also a place where many young people could come to, talk and also express their opinions, and, first of all, learn the truth about Good God.

I experienced God here, who lives and acts in the Church and among other people. It is the second time I have been at the Stop of Jesus and I hope that through my participation in this initiative, I will also become evangelized and be closer to Jesus. I am from the community of Charity Alliance. Our charisma is evangelization among people who are spiritually and materially poor. I believe that experiencing the Stop of Jesus will help me in everyday evangelization – noted Szymon Ndozi from Białystok.


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