Highlanders arrived in Jasna Góra on 31 July. 1100 pilgrims were wandering in 4 groups: Bachledówka, NowyTarg, Rabka and Orawa. During 9 days they walked 180 km. The leader of the whole pilgrimage was Fr. Marcin Miłek, a Pauline Father from Bachledówka. In his ministry he was supported by 18 priests, 8 clerics and 10 nuns. The motto of the pilgrimage route were the words: ‘Lord give us more faith’. The youngest pilgrim was 2-year-old Ola, the oldest one was 76-year-old Mrs. Marianna.

It is obvious that highlanders as a group of people are a group praying fervently and very religious. They arrive in Jasna Góra, wearing their traditional highlanders outfits and with a traditional highlander song. There was also a traditional welcome dance. The group from Rabka was led into Jasna Góra by two leaders on horses. It is a symbol of great respect – says Fr. Marcin Miłek. – On the whole road of the pilgrimage there is a lot of highlander dialect and singing.

The pilgrims participated in the solemn Holy Mass celebrated at Jasna Góra. The Eucharist was presided over by the auxiliary bishop Jan Szkodoń.

– Your pilgrimages appeared out of faith of your hearts, grew out of the faith of your families, your parishes. The pilgrimage is the confession of faith, is a reminder to our neighbor, the world that there is God, there is eternity. Going in a pilgrimage, you were strengthening your faith, you were apologizing for your weakness of faith and among others. You are praying so that you would be brave and fervent witnesses of faith – bishop Szkodoń noted in the homily.


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