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It was nearly an hour and a half when pope Francis was talking with journalists accompanying him on 28 July in ‘volopapale’ from Rio de Janeiro.

Speaking about a commission of eight cardinals established by him, the Holy Father emphasized an important fact that they come from outside the Curia. It is a continuation of a line of maturation of the relation between collegiality and the primacy. He added that there are many proposals of reforms, for example, in the Secretariat of Bishops’ Synod. Speaking about the Institute of Religious Works, Pope confessed that he had thought it would be all right if he dealt with that issue the following year, but later the situation got quicker indeed. He hears many opinions that it would be better it was a bank or the fund of assistance. There are also opinions for its liquidation. Regardless of what directions changes will go, there is a necessity for clarity and honesty – stated Pope.

Journalists asked why he often had said: ‘pray for me’. The Pope said that as a priest, he did not often ask for a prayer in his intention. He asked for it more frequently as a bishop.

For, he is aware of his many constraints and the fact that he is a sinner.

The Pope was asked again about changes in the Roman Curia. He emphasized that they were demanded by cardinals through a conclave. Moreover, there are also factors originating from his personality. For example, he is not able to live in a palace alone. He needs to live among people. He added that the papal apartment is big, but not luxurious. He emphasized that also cardinals’ flats are modest.

– Everybody must live in a way as God tells him to – he emphasized. Everybody who work, serving to the Church, should maintain the general austerity. Pope Francis also told about his planned journeys. In 2014 he would like to pay a visit in the Holy Land and to Asia. – The Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople Bartłomiej I would like to meet with me in Jerusalem – he said. An occasion would be the anniversary of the historical meeting of Paul VI with the patriarch Atenagoras I 50 years ago in Jerusalem. – Israel also has invited me recently- emphasized Francis. As he announced, the second journey should lead him to Asia.

Life in the neighborhood of Benedict XVI – said the Holy Father – is like life with grandfather. – If I have a problem or a question, I can simply call and ask – he admitted. Benedict XVI is like a grandfather for him, who as a wise man is adored and loved by his family. The Pope opposed the opinion which did not allow for two popes to be in Vatican. He sometimes invites his 86-year-old predecessor for meetings or other events. Recently Benedict XVI has participated in consecrating the monument of St. Michael Arch-Angel in the Vatican Gardens. Referring to the persons of the blessed predecessors: John XXIII and John Paul II, the Pope stated that their common canonization would be a message for the Church – these were prominent and brave people.


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