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Dr. Ewa Wolak, a doctor from Warsaw, told me a moving story recently, which is current today and confirms the truth about events and people. People connected with 'Solidarność' with the opposition from the beginning of the 80s of the last century, remember and know what was the Primate Committee of Help, which functioned at the church of St. Martin at Piwna Street in Warsaw.

People of different professions were engaged in this work: artists, doctors, students, also an oppositionist poetess was coming there - Barbara Sadowska with her son GrzegorzPrzemyk. 'Basia was a very good woman - mentions dr.Ewa Wolak - warm-hearted, friendly, always ready to help everybody, give shelter to everyone. She worked with us on Piwna Street. When the security officers were arresting her, one of them hit her strongly. At that moment, her son could not resist and he attacked the torturer. Grześ heard a verdict at that moment 'We will get you!'. They were following him till a situation happened. Secondary school graduates of 1983, after examinations, full of youthful delight with life, went for a walk to the old city. They were laughing, singing, enjoying their maturity, spring and youth…Grzegorz Przemyk arrested by policemen, also young Poles, in uniforms of social service, as what should a militiaman/policeman be? The son of the oppositionist poetess, a young poet, did not predict that he was in the hands of bandits who were properly trained, under the sign of the sickle, hammer and a crow. In the headquarter of the Civilian Militia in Jezuicka Street in the Old City, near the cathedral of St. John, they attacked a joyful secondary school graduate, clever poet, the only son of Barbara Sadowska, also a poetess fighting with communism for years. 'Beat in such a way so that there would not be any signs' - it was the command. And they were beating in the most cruel way. Guardians of public order, protection of a citizen! 'They knew very well, whom they were beating, as they said it clearly when they had come earlier to arrest Basia, and Grześ stood in defence of her - said dr. Ewa Wolak, working on Piwna street at that time and being a real witness of those days. A year later they killed priest Jerzy Popiełuszko. 'Being worried, I went to Basia Sadowska's house. She was sitting curled up and said to me the significant words: 'Fr. Jerzy taught me how to get rid of hatred to murderers of my son. Now when they also killed Him, I cannot throw hatred out of myself, I cannot live'. Today these words have a great significance for us, they show us the truth!

Priest Jerzy had so much goodness and Divine strength in himself, that he could teach a despaired mother to live without hatred, after her son had been attacked who had been her only man on the earth. The reminiscence of dr. Ewa Wolak, a direct witness of these big national tragedies, shows clearly a personality of Fr. Jerzy Popiełuszko and she help to realize who the communist murderers were. Beginning with private militants to decision-makers, the supreme rulers, gen. Jaruzelski, Kiszczak and other cynical traitors, murderers. They did not disappear, but live in luxury, not judged, but they exist in glory of 'people of honour' - as they were called by 'a great creator of the Third Polish Republic', Adam Michnik. And, during a march in May A. D. 2013, daughter of gen. Jaruzelski is parading in a T-shirt with an eagle (?) and raising her fingers arranged in V letter! Who has eyes and ears open, should see in what Poland we live.


"Niedziela" 28/2013

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