In April this year, in the Polish Academy of Science, there was a conference on sexual education of pre-school children. The conference was prepared by two ministries of – the Health and the National Education and the agenda of the UNO for Development, and the Polish Office of the World Health Organization (WHO)

During the conference in the Polish Academy of Science, it was possible to find out from the national consultant in the sphere of sexology, Prof. Zbigniew Starowicz, that even babies can feel orgasm. In the study of WHO, one could read that ‘the development of sexuality should start at the moment of birth’. Therefore many authorities decided that the sexual education should be started before the age of 4. A child should be able to express his needs and wishes. In order to meet these aims, it is very good to play the doctor.

It is braver further. Even 9-year-olds should learn to ‘use condoms and contraceptives effectively in the future’. Under the age of 15, ‘a critical attitude towards cultural/religious norms in reference to pregnancy, parenthood’ can be inculcated in a child.

Sexual standards for children

The standards of sexual education, presented at the conference, had been elaborated by WHO and the German Federal Office for Health Education. In order to implement these standards, it is worth using recommended scientific help – ‘ABC of a small body. A lexicon for girls and boys’. This book will teach little kids that ‘touching testicles can be delightful and beautiful (…), and touching clitoris can give much delight’. A little kid will be instructed where a clitoris is and how it is built, and in a colourful picture he will see a penis during an erection, and he will learn masturbation. It will be inculcated in him that being a lesbian or a gay is a norm and he will be encouraged to try out condoms in various colours and tastes. Masturbation will teach your child to be self-confident. A little kid will be protected from sexual abuse if he learns sexual practices and techniques. And in fact, it will result positively in premature sexual awakening of desire, getting rid of the sense of shame and elimination of any moral norms.

The world turned upside down

We live in the XXI century and, allegedly, we cannot bring up children, like 30 or 50 years ago. We must be going with progress. That’s true. But why must the progress be adequate to the brutalization of life? Why is the contemporary child deprived of a magic world of fantasy, fairy tales and why is the world replaced by a guidebook which teaches sex? Supporters of this system say that a child gets matured much early. And it is proven by masturbation during pre-school resting. There has always been and will always be a group of children who get sexually premature. – In the 60s of XX century I used to attend a kindergarten in a small town – a biology teacher, Danuta mentions. – In the group there were two boys, who peeped under girls’ dresses and showed their penises. However, nobody did not draw any consequences out of it and other children had to be brought down to the level of the interests of these two little kids.

Now, in moral issues of the majority of people must be subordinated to the minority. For norms of the minority are progressive and coherent with the EU culture. We cannot be parochial and old-fashioned. In the name of the progress, our children, nearly starting with nappies, should be taught about ‘acceptable sex’ and ‘communication in order to have a nice sex and providing themselves with contraception’. A bit older children, the 9-year-olds and the 12-year-olds, should take responsibility for safe and nice sexual experiences’, and so educated 12- and 15-year-olds should provide themselves with contraception. Everything is based on purely hedonistic techniques and sensations, which have nothing in common with love, which is the negation of egoism and which puts the good of a beloved person above pleasures. Or, maybe, in order to bring up a worthy man in the future, it is worth inculcating in a child the sense of responsibility for his actions, care about others, especially the weaker ones, or make a child interested in existential issues which he will have to face in his life.

The gender ideology avoids it and considers thoughtless education as a priority, which is aimed at the consumption of a citizen.

Roots of democratic relativism

The gender ideology is getting to us from the ‘enlightened’ West. And sexual education of pre-school children is slowly entering educational places in Germany. A German writer and sociologist Gabriele Kuby recommends vigilance towards practices used on German lands. Little kids are taught in small places of masturbation and they are encouraged to mutual cuddles on a mattress and touching intimate body parts. Playing the doctor is also used for this purpose.

Parents who do not agree to similar practices, are threatened by punishments. The portal LifeSiteNews informs that in 2009, 8 families did not want their children participate in these lessons for religious reasons. They were punished with a fine, and when they did not want to pay it, they went to prison. Many parents oppose this kind of education. Russian-German families from Salzkotten did not want their children to participate in a performance in which it is taught how to have an intercourse.

Comments of Polish families, who have lived in Germany for years, are strange. In internet forums they express their resentment but addressed to…..Gabriele Kuby. They have lived in Germany for many years, they have brought up their children, but they have not met with anything like that. Only a few entries in forums explain the situation. Sexual education in kindergartens is entering into them just now and is slowly taking control over other kindergartens. Therefore, Gabriele Kuby warns Poles to have their eyes widely-open and be vigilant, because gender ideologists will not resign from their plans so easily. They will implement them in life insidiously and with winding roads.

Disgusting books

Magda, a young mother, wanted to buy a book for her little kid’s birthday. In a bookshop, among colourful book covers, her attention was drawn to the title ‘A big book of wedgies (penises) ‘. Nearby there was ‘A big book of pussies’. Being shocked, she picked them up. – Why are such little kids fed with descriptions of the construction of reproductive organs, faeces, vulgar vocabulary bordering with pornography? Which child needs it? It is not the only publishing proposal for little kids. Small, private publishing houses, like A little sheep, Two Sisters or Hocus-Pocus, started liking this issue. Reading these ‘masterpieces’, one can find out many interesting things about masturbation, penis, testicles, clitoris. In what nations particular genital parts are adored, what colour the pubic hair is. And these are instructions published only by small private publishing houses. Our Bookshop, the oldest publishing house for children in Poland can boast about its pornographic book for toddlers.

In ‘Mum has laid an egg’ Babette Cole humorously presents ‘many ways so that dad’s tube would get to mum’s hole’. Luckily, this children’s kamasutra was withdrawn from bookshops.

Big books are not free from references to Bible and the Catholic Church. Their authors wonder over ‘what would happen if Jesus was presented with a pussy’, or they give fabricated information that ‘in the fifteen and sixteen century Italian artists usually painted Jesus lying on his mother’s arms and holding his penis. On many canvasses God’s Mother touches perineum of her son’.

It is also worrying that some of these books became a publishing hit. In chase after modernity and Europeanism, we feed the mind of a child with similar faeces. And this is what gender ideologists want, so that to indoctrinate minds of toddlers with various ways. And it is only parents’ responsibility so that a similar crap would not get to a library of our children.

Rearing lolitas

There are also dangerous elections of small miss of beauty and a show-business connected with them. In their unconsciousness, (because I do not think they would like demoralize their children) mothers give even their babies for beauty contests. In this way they may relieve their failures in life. – I have had an uninteresting life, so, let my little girl will astonish the world. They are not aware what a dangerous path they are taking. Fashion for the title of a small miss has quickly got from the United States to Europe. The latest beauty contest took place in Great Britain, and comprised the age of 0 – 13. The spokesman of the contest is very pleased with the event. – Participants – she says – will paint their mouths, wear extravagant, lavish costumes. It is just what many little girls and their parents want.

Contests of small beauties is not all. In Western countries a business promoting children’s sexusalization is blooming. In Great Britain, in Essex town a salon of beauty appeared. The youngest client was a 16-month-old girl. The salon offers services for children under the age of 13. – Little girls are beaming with self-confidence and a desire to be beautiful, regardless of their age – the owner of this business says satisfactorily. Small beauties can have manicure, pedicure and tanning treatments done. Also a rent of a limousine is suggested, which will take 6 beauties for a party mixed with beauty care.

But it is nothing yet in comparison with a photo session which appeared in an edition of a star magazine of 2011 in Vogue Paris. 6-year-old girls were posing for outrageous photos, dressed up like symbols of sex…

A network of shops promote swimming costumes for 6 -7 –year-old girls, with pads magnifying the bust, T-shirt for girls with the inscription: ‘So many boys, so little time’, a kit for dancing on the tube with a folded tube, garters, plastic money for putting it into a garter.

In Poland this fashion is getting more and more popular. It is possible to buy controversial toys, such as dancing kit on a tube or ‘a small fashionable girl’, thanks to which a child can do the same make-up as adult women do. Last year, during summer holiday, holiday camps were very popular among 7-year-old fashionable girls. Children were taught to choose cosmetics, kinds of skin care masks, walking in high-heeled shoes. Participants had fun at discos with the laser light, a real DJ. They were drinking non-alcoholic drinks and were resting on a red sofa. The camps were sold like fresh rolls. It is interesting whether parents realize the consequences which they will have to face in further years. An English professor of child’s psychology Judy Hutchings warns: - We must consider dangers, which can result from the emphasis of sexuality of children.

These are signs of more and more fashionable gender ideology, getting into our life through every slit. Teaching a child that body is the most important value, which is treated like goods, is building a very fragile world dependent on fashion, passing time, it is building castles from sand. And, after all, every parent should provide their child with such a baggage of permanent values which will allow him/her find a suitable road in their adult life and often a difficult being.

Therefore, let’s be vigilant to various demoralizing practices steered by gender ideologists. We cannot feel satisfied with the words of the minister Krystyna Szumilas, who, after definite social protests assured that teaching sex in kindergartens would not be implemented. The government of Donald Tusk often makes empty promises. It may be similar with the decision of the National Education Ministry. We are carefully observing what is happening in kindergartens, so that our children would not be subjected to demoralizing practices unexpectedly.


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