On Sunday, 26 May this year, in France, the Mother’s was just being celebrated, and in Paris there had been the third nationwide demonstration against the act legalizing ‘marriages’ of homosexual couples and adoption of children by these couples. Although a month earlier – on 23 April, the act had been acknowledged by the Parliament, a million of French people gathered again. However, police reduced the number of demonstrators drastically again, informing that there were only 150 thousand of them. Throughout the whole week, before the demonstration, the Interior Minister Manuel Valls had been trying to discourage families, announcing that there was a risk of a violence. But the presence of many families with children proved that French people do not trust the present government any longer.

In an excellent pronouncement, Ludivine de La Rochere, the chairman of the movement ‘Manifestation for everybody’, said, among the others: - Yes, France has woken up. We made a historical mobilization. ‘Manifestation for everybody’ has been the biggest social movement in France since May 1968. The hour is serious. Facing the lie and injustice which this act includes, an hour of opposition has struck. It is all about humankind and its future, about a man and a woman, about our children. I announce that we will still be fighting in whole France.

Although the act has already been acknowledged by the Parliament and announced by president Holland, the resistance movement does not stop acting. When only the president is going somewhere, opponents of this act are waiting for him and they are waving their fists and shouting slogans. Unfortunately, police are reacting more aggressively and there are more and more arbitrary arrests.

In the mid of April, in the reaction against the arbitrary arrest of 73 people, who wanted to sleep near the Parliament, completely for the sake of peace, a new movement called ‘The wakeful’ was set up. On the website ‘The wakeful’ they say: ‘We are coming in peace in order to defend the right of children to grow in a complementary love of father and mother’.

It spread from Paris to whole France during a few days, reaching especially to bigger cities such as Lyon, Tuluza or Strasburg, but also to the smaller ones. The ‘wakeful’ usually gather in the public place in the evening, sit on the ground and remain in silence, holding lights in front of them. Sometimes somebody reads through a microphone a comforting text of an author, like Victor Hugo, Charles Peguy (French Norwid),etc. or of an activist, like Gandhi, Lech Wałęsa, or even French revolutionist Danton.

The government does not know how to crush the growing resistance of the French people of various groups against the act called ‘Marriage for everybody’ and against its plans of introducing the gender ideology into all spheres of social life, especially education.

After the third big demonstration on 26 May this year, in an interview for an informative radio station ‘France info’, one of the leaders of the ‘Manifestation for everybody’ – 50-year-old Tugual Derville said: -I think that our movement is very promising. None of political parties is able to gather such crowds. Our movement is completely new. Tens of thousands young people had been getting mobilized at daytime and night for months. And he added: -The soul of France will wake up.

Is the prophecy of St. Pope Pius X from his speech to French cardinals in 1911 is being fulfilled in our eyes? At that time he said: ‘One day, France will be clothed with the heavenly brightness, like Saul on his way to Damascus….it will hear a voice, which will tell it: ‘Stand up, clean yourself from dirt, which made you distorted, and go, the oldest daughter of the Church, take my Name to all nations of the Earth, like you did so long time ago.


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