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A miraculous healing from a fatal illness of one of nuns of Our Lady of Sorrows, working in Oświęcim, contributed to the beatification of Mother MaŁgorzata Szewczyk – a founder of the Convent of Daughters of Our Lady of Sorrows.

The beatification miracle of Mother Małgorzata Szewczyk concerns healing from pulmonary aspergillosis which took place in 1975. After confirming this dangerous and incurable disease at that time, the nun was operated on unsuccessfully twice. Intensive treatment did not eliminate the high temperature and festering fistula. A very hard clinical condition of the ill nun remained for 18 months. Deprived of hope by doctors, the sister started praying to the founder of her convent. On the novena, other sisters and her closest family joined in. Just at that time, there was an unexpected, complete and permanent healing. The miraculously healed nun had performed her duties as a sacristan in the church of the nuns of Our Lady of Sorrows in Oświęcim for 34 years, where there is a grave of Małgorzata Szewczyk.

The case was being analysed by a medical consultation and the Commission of Theologians and Cardinals in the Congregation of Canonization Issues in Rome and was recognized as inexplicable from the medical perspective. On 20 December 2012 pope Benedict XVI promulgated a decree recognizing the authenticity of the miracle through the intercession of Mother Małgorzata Szewczyk. The papal decision finished the process which had started in 1993, at the Metropolitan Curia in Cracow.


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