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Without the media echo (except for 'Our Journal' and many Catholic media), on 9 March 2013, there was 70th anniversary of imposing rules by the Nazis criminals, 'allowing' for unlimited killing of Polish unborn babies.

The unsaid anniversary

It had been the first time in the Polish history on 9 March 1943, when in the legal sense 'it was allowed' for killing Polish unborn babies. It was done by the Nazis occupier who introduced a murderous legislation 'Verordnung'. The Germans in the same 'Verordnung' raised the degree of punishment for killing a German unborn baby, to the death penalty inclusively….

I will quote a fragment of the Nazis document 'Rassenpolitisches Amt. Reichsleitung' of 25 November 1939: 'All means which are aimed at restriction of reproduction should be either tolerated or supported. Abortion must be unpunished on the rest area of Poland. Means used for abortion and preventive remedies can be offered publicly in every form, but it cannot imply any police consequences' (quoted in: 'Oświęcim notebooks', no 2/1958).

In this place it is necessary to remind about the pronouncement of Martin Borman - a Nazi war criminal, a director of the office of Adolf Hitler and an actual director of NSDAP:

'….The duty of the Slovaks is to work for us. Fertility of the Slovaks is undesirable. Let they use condoms or have abortions done - the more, the better. Education is dangerous'(J. Heydecker, J.Leeb, 'The Third Reich in the light of Norymberg - a balance of the millenium', 'Book and knowlegde', Warsaw 1979, p. 391).

After the end of the Second World War, this Nazi lawlessness was cancelled.

27 April 1956

Communists, soviet occupiers - NKWD- had already in 1945 planned to destroy Poland by killing Polish unborn babies. Prof. dr. Hab. Antoni Chrościński wrote about it, mentioning an episode of arresting his wife Emilia Paderewska-Chościcka, a liaison of the National Army. His wife was forced to clean office rooms of NKWD in Otwock: …in the room of the leader of the army division she came across an instruction written in Polish and Russian. It concerned a way of dealing with Polish people. It said about the support of abortion, divorces, demoralization of the youth, fighting religion and the recruitment of informants…' (A. Chrościcki 'Mother of a thousand children', Pelta W. Chojnacki, Warsaw 2001, p.40).

The Soviets enslaving Poland and Polish communists being to their services, were aiming at introducing the legalization of the so-called stoppage of pregnancy; they wanted to implement a directive of the communist genocide Włodzimierz I. Lenin in the People's Polish Republic.

'……demand unconditional abolition of all bills pursuing artificial abortions' (W. Lenin, 'Labour class and Neo-Malthusianism', in: W.Lenin, 'Works', Warsaw, 'Book and knowledge' 1950, vol.19, p. 321).

On 27 April 1956, in conditions of the communist terror, the abortion bill was imposed on Poland, 'allowing' for killing conceived babies.

This murderous Act 'was binding' till 7 January 1993, when the Seym of the Polish Republic introduced law protecting life of the unborn babies.

30 August 1996

After regaining full authority, post-communists led by Aleksander Kwaśniewski, Leszek Miller, quickly introduced back the murderous legislation of abortion. On 30 August 1996, complete 'freedom' of killing unborn babies was outvoted in the Seym by post-communists and extreme liberals.

Post-communists implemented the barbaric directive of Lenin - the 'freedom' of abortion, through the state bill.

A catastrophe of media

Why has none of journalists powerful post-communist, liberal media or public and commercial television asked an obvious question to the leaders of post-communist groups in public, commercial media for over 20 years: Why are they trying to impose the whole nation the implementation of the murderous directive of Lenin - the 'freedom' of abortion through the way of state bills in the Third Polish Republic?

Why hasn't the following, short, over and above-denominational justification of the right for life been presented in powerful public media for over 20 years?

'Human life starts at the moment of conception. This is a scientific fact, which is unquestionable and so obvious today, that it is included in schoolbooks for children at the fifth year of the primary school.

If the human life starts at the moment of conception, then disruption of the life, destroying it, regardless of how, whether a day, a week, a month or three or seven months after the conception, will always be a destruction of the human life, that is, a murder.

No law passed by the parliament can 'allow' for unpunished killing absolutely innocent and extremely defenseless people - conceived babies'.

Let's use believable media: which are Catholic and centrist; we should not let others manipulate us or deceive us.

A co-organizer of the Prayer Crusade in the Defense of Conceived Babies, a chairman of the Polish Association of Pro-Life Activists


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