Donald Tusk gives another proof for his incompetence in the European matters.

1. The EU commission wants to take away 80 million euro from Poland because of improper calculation and control of EU means for semi-subsistence economy.

A bad news, but not the final yet. Maybe the commission is right, or not. There are still judges in Luxembourg, Poland can and must appeal to the European Tribunal of Justice. For, it often happened that the Commission picked on it wrongly, especially now, because it has no money in the budget.

2. Not waiting for near explanation of this issue, the prime minister Tusk fired off at Twitter, that the accusations concern the years 2004-2006 and that he a poor man is suffering together with homeland again, for not his faults. Obviously the Law and Justice is to be blamed.

However, the prime minister fired off at his own cheek. I checked in the European Commission. It is all about irregularities proved in the years 2007-2010, that is, those concerning the governments of Donald Tusk.

3. But no matter who would be blamed - the publicly searching a culprit by the prime minister at this moment is a shot at the knee of the country. It is still not known what was there, it is still not known whether the Commission is right or not, and the appeal to the European Tribunal of Justice which is not written or not submitted - and the prime minister is already admitting Polish faults. Irresponsibility for it is not enough to say. Another act of subjecting to euro. After all, it is not so, that the Commission of locuta, causa finite. The issue is going on, the duty of the prime minister is a fight for money for Polish farmers, not a beat at the Polish (but not his own) chests in the eyes of Europe.

4. The prime minister gave another proof for his astonishing incompetence in the European matters, the incompetence which weakens Poland and decreases a chance for en effective defense of these 80 million. He is not simply an expert, he does not understand a decision-making mechanism in the European Union. And it was so beautiful, so European….what a pity!


"Niedziela" 20/2013

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