Magdalena Środa, a permanent commentator of 'Gazeta Wyborcza', published a text 'Modernity of May' in the journal (known for questioning the Christian tradition of the Polish culture). She presented a new Justice minister Marek Biernacki as a person 'with orthodox Catholic rules', and later she wrote: 'In Europe people of such traditional religious opinions are not appointed for the posts at all, whose function is a social change, or if they can work for the sake of the welfare of all citizens (but not only the Catholics), leaving a religious doctrine at home'.

Mrs Środa set a trap for herself through the perverse argumentation. One can only change a person 'of traditional opinions' with the term 'liberal', 'atheist', 'anticlerical' 'feminist', 'socialist', but such people have an essential influence on the centres of the authority in the European Union and in particular EU countries. And then this fragment would sound as follows: 'In Europe people of liberal opinions (atheistic, anticlerical, feministic, socialistic) are not appointed to the posts whose function is a social change, or if they can work for the sake of the welfare of all citizens (but not only liberalists, atheists, anti-clericals, feminists, socialists), leaving their doctrine at home'.

The convoluted dialectics of Mrs Środa is also a postulate of the introduction of anarchy. For, if one consequently complied with what Mrs Środa calls for, then nobody (except for a nihilist) cannot hold any state post, because a man usually has some opinions, world view, points of his reference. The logics of democracy is the fact that people applying for public functions, present their opinions and programs and are trying to gain their electors. If they gain the mandate, they participate in the public life with its all consequences, that is, also in holding the authority.

Magdalena Środa used the method of turning a cat's tail up, for a simple reason. Through this method she was trying to avoid saying directly about what she was aiming at and people who were promoting her. Because she is known for secular fundamentalism, the fact that she formulates postulate of excluding the Catholics from the public life is absolutely unbelievable. The text of Mrs Środa concludes that everyone who consequently believes in God and defends the basic right of every man - the right to life, cannot hold the authority. Because he opposes to the ideas of leftist ideologists destroying our civilisation and a man, and who created crematoria and camps in their hatred to God. Today some leftist ideologists impose soft totalitarism, for example, in the form of abortion, that is, prenatal genocide, under the motto 'social changes'.

It is worth remembering about the words of blessed John Paul II, who in June 1991 in Lubaczów said: 'The postulate of the worldview neutrality is right, mainly in this sphere that the country should protect the freedom of conscience and religion of its citizens, regardless of what religion or worldview they express. But, the postulate about not allowing the dimension of holiness into the social life, is the postulate of atheisation of the country and the social life.

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