Prelate priest Wiewiórowski a patron of the school in Gomulin

Włodzimierz Kulbat

On the feast of Blessed Mary the Virgin the Queen of Poland, on 3 May, in the church dedicated to St. Nicolas in Gomulin, during a solemn Holy Mass, a decision was announced by the Council of the Commune Wola Krzysztoporska about giving the Primary School in Gomulin the name of prelate priest Marian Wiewiórowski, a charismatic parish priest and an apostle of media. MA Danuta Stępień - the headmistress of the school informed us about this important and joyful event for parishioners.

The initiative of giving the name to the school was undertaken in September 2012. A procedure of the election of a candidate as a patron for the school had been worked out. All pupils, teachers, school workers and parents had been working over the election of a candidate. The elections were preceded by educational classes, concerning an authority in the life of a young man. After a presentation of candidates on 30 January 2013, there was a vote with the participation of pupils, teachers and parents.

After the end of the vote and counting votes, the Electoral Commission decided that the community of the school had elected prelate priest Marian Wiewiórowski as a patron of the Primary School in Gomulin, who gained 262 votes, which was welcomed with great joy. Other candidates gained: president Ryszard Kaczorowski - 10 votes, Janusz Korczak -45, Józef PIłsudski - 14, Fr. Jerzy Popiełuszko - 10, a knight Florian Szary - 5. Next, a request was submitted to the Council of the Commune in Wola Krzysztoporska for ratification of the result of the vote. The Council of the Commune had organizes meetings for this purpose - there appeared difficulties. Finally, during a session of the Council on 29 April 2013, a bill was passed about giving the school the name of Fr. Wiewiórowski. On the day of the decision, a big group of the school representatives, children's parents from Gomulin, Kolonia Gomulin, Majkowa Duża, Żachta, Praca, Rokszyce, Woźniki, Piekary and other villages, firemen and women from the Group of Village Housekeepers arrived in the headquarter of the commune. The patronage of Fr. Wiewiórowski was supported among the others, by: Beata Gawryszczak, Agnieszka Cieślak, Renata Ścisłowska, SławomirToma, Wojciech Kamiński, Stanisław Krasiński, Włodzimierz Dryzek, people fulfilling the functions of the mayor: Ryszard Cieślak, Eżbieta Wójcik and Teresa Magiera. Announcing the decision of the Council of the Commune, the headmistress expressed her satisfaction and thanks to everybody who had participated in these 'historical event of the school, a kind of a lesson of civil and patriotic education, a lesson of solidarity in relation to three important words, milestones indicating life and world of values of every Pole - these words are: God, Honor and Homeland.

The celebration of giving the school the name will probably take place in the second mid of October and will be joined with the Jubilee of the 150th anniversary of education in Gomulin.

Prelate priest Marian Wiewiórowski, died on 10 June 2012 in Gomulin. Before that he had been a parish priest in Restarzew, Kociszów, in the parish church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross in Łódź. He had held a function of a spiritual father in the Higher Seminary .In Gomulin he had been a parish priest for 15 years. He was a fervent pastor of the community. The subject of his special care was preaching God's word, extremely effective apostolate through the Catholic press and Radio Maryja and Television Trwam; he had cared about good education of children and young people, passing values to them. For this purpose, he had been trying to build a close contact with teachers and parents, he had cared about building and creating a junior high school in Gomulin. He had cared about passing historical knowledge of Poland to others. In the church in Gomulin there were many celebrations with the participation of combatants, statesmen, writers, journalists and creators of culture. He had received many rewards. He is present in the grateful memory of parishioners. As a patron of the school so close to his heart, he is an example of religious and patriotic values.


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