The oldest Pauline Father - a lively history of the Church in Poland and Jasna Góra - is the main character of the TV program entitled: 'Father Jerzy Tomziński, the last living Polish Father of the Second Vatican Council'. The program, made by the TV studio of 'Sunday', based on an audio-visual register of a conversation, which was conducted with Father Jerzy Tomziński by a journalist Lidia Dudkiewicz, on the occasion of this year's 50th anniversary of the opening of the Second Vatican Council - was awarded at XXVIII International Catholic Festival of Films and Multimedia 'Niepokalanów 2013'.

'Sunday' received the third award in the category: television programs. The author of the program is Jolanta Pałasz, and the producer - the Catholic Weekly Magazine 'Sunday'. The material was assembled by Grzegorz Gadacz. In the justification of granting the award we read: 'For presenting very important issues connected with the history of preparation for the Second Vatican Council, in which he had participated and explanation of falsely presented or interpreted documents and attitudes of the Church'.

The first award at the Festival in Niepokalanów in the category of television programs was granted to Urszula Pruska and Krzysztof Żurowski from the television cycle 'We, you, they' - for the programs whose producer is the Editorial Office of the Catholic Programs of the Polish Television. The second award was granted to the Editorial Office of Catholic Programs, Cracow.

At the Festival in Niepokalanów, whose verdict took place on 11 May 2013, 158 films from 13 countries of the world had been registered.


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