Appeal to Polish women and men: Let’s join the European Civil Initiative ‘One of us’!

The European Civil Initiative ‘One of us’ is the biggest pro-life action on our continent and the first common action of all organisations defending life from the whole Europe

We are undertaking the European Civil Initiative in Poland ‘One of us’. This one of the first civilian initiatives permitted by the European Commission is supposed to lead to a complete stopping financing abortions and experimentations of human embryos, from the EU budget. In case it is successful, the degree of life protection of the most defenceless people will increase to a large extent.

According to the Lisbon treaty, a group of at least 7 citizens from various EU countries can submit this project of changes in the European law. In order to have this project considered by the European Commission, it is necessary to collect minimum 1 million of signatures under it, by citizens at the age of 18, from at least 7 EU countries. 25 EU countries are engaged in the initiative ‘One of us’, hence it is the biggest action of promotion and defence of life in Europe.

At present the European Union – through grants for pro-abortion, private international organisations, among the others, International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPPF), Marie Stopes International (MSI) – finances a significant part of murders of unborn babies in Africa and Asia and experiments on human embryos. All Europeans are forced to pay for this procedure through their taxes, which is unworthy for civilised people!

The right for every human life is included in the universal, an ethical commandment beyond any religion: ‘Do not kill!’ and a scientific fact: human life begins at the moment of conception. It is proved by many scientific publications and popular encyclopaedias or course books. It has been acknowledged recently in a breakthrough statement of the European Tribunal of Judiciary from 18 October 2011, which stated that fertilisation is the beginning of human life and human being in the prenatal phase should undergo protection, especially in the aspect of his dignity and integrity.

Abortion as the destruction of human life in the period from his conception to the 9th month of life in the womb of a mother is a murder of an innocent and extremely defenceless human being; let’s add – an extremely cruel act done without and anesthesia. We trust that decision-makers in EU countries where, in the name of the respect for human life, the death penalty for the most dangerous criminals was abolished, will support stopping financing abortion and experiments on human embryos from EU funds.

We appeal to all 18-year-old Polish women and men, to support the civil initiative ‘One of us’ through giving their signature and also promote this initiative in their families, neighbourhood, workplaces. Signatures supporting this initiative ‘One of us’ can be given both in paper form and in a form application on the website:

We want Poland, Homeland of John Paul II, one of the greatest defenders of human life, from the beginning to the natural death, to be also an European leader in the number of signatures collected under this noble project!

The National Committee of the European Civil Initiative ’One of us’.

Jakub Bałtroszewicz, Joanna Banasiuk, Michał Baran, Bogdan Chazan, Mariusz Dzierżawski, Kaja Godek, Piotr Gładysz, Małgorzata Mąsiorska, Olgierd Pankiewicz, Joanna Potocka, Tomasz Terlikowski, Paweł Wosicki, Antoni Zięba

Warsaw 21, February 2013


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