During the Thanksgiving Holy Mass for the pontificate of Benedict XVI on 5 March, in the arch-cathedral of St. John the Baptist in Warsaw, archbishop Józef Michalik said: ‘Resignation of the Pope is a blow at a big bell for the Church and the world, it is a warning that something dangerous is happening…’. Calling this danger by name, archbishop Michalik pointed out to the whole strategy of eliminating God from the life of nations, societies and human consciousness, including a fight against life, marriage and family.

I do not say that the reason for resignation of the Pope was lack of strength in order to face for example, the abnormal homosexual revolution, and in fact the gender revolution, which is overwhelming the world. However, the fact is that the Roman-Catholic Church is the last obstacle on the way to a victory of programs of the homosexual trend. Referring to the sources of Revelation, the Church is teaching that humankind owes its survival to a family based on a marriage between a man and a woman, hence it is thought that homosexual couples destroy the basis of our civilisation.

Because the MPs of the Civic Platform, among whom there are most Catholics, want to include another project of a law about partner couples in the debates of the Seym, that is, also the homosexual ones, I remind about some facts. Well, before homosexuality was removed from a list of illnesses, for years homosexual activists popped into meetings of the World Congress of Psychiatrists, shouting: ‘Stop killing us, you hate us!’. Scientists were shocked and helpless. At the same time homosexuals were conducting a campaign addressed to all psychiatrists, spending millions of dollars on it. Finally, they gained what they wanted: removal of homosexuality from a list of illnesses was done not on the basis of scientific experiments, but under the influence of the long-term campaign. When in December 1973, during the Congress of Psychiatrists, it was signed that because of the vote, homosexuality is removed from the list of illnesses, on the next day newspapers were shouting: ‘Scientists said that homosexuality is something normal’.

It is true that at present in most EU countries, homosexual and lesbian couples register their couples in offices of marital status, that the European Parliament is giving directives, obliging all member countries to acknowledge the legal status of homosexual couples on the rights of marriages. However, it is worth noticing that in the European Parliament strong homosexual lobby is functioning, which is presided over by a lesbian woman LissyGroner (German woman) and a homosexual Michael Cashman (Englishman). It was them who added a statement to the resolution of the European Parliament about homophobia which prohibits ‘aversion towards lesbians, homosexuals, bisexuals and transsexuals’, among the others that every country in which its constitution includes a prohibition of contracting homosexual marriages, is suffering from hatred, as well as every country which opposes to adoption of children by homosexuals.

A method of functioning of the homosexual movement is shocking, intimidating and lack of respect to holiness. These are the members of this movement who stood up for the horrible provocation, which took place in 2006 in Paris, when a group of homosexuals were trying to profane the Notre Dame cathedral, performing a parody of homosexual ‘marriage’ in the church. Having burst into the cathedral, deviants attacked the rector of the respectable church and were trying to defame Benedict XVI. This kind of the event shows a real face of the homosexual movement: it is a sacrilege of everything which is holy in the man, family and in the Church. The sacrilege of the cathedral is only an outer sign and a consequence of what had been done before: sacrilege of the body holiness which God had made His church, establishing marriage as a sacrament and making it a fundament of family.

Benedict XVI exposed himself to the danger of homosexuality very much, while expressing his opinion in the spirit of John Paul II, who in July 2000 had said on the St. Peter Square that the parade of homosexuals in the region of the Colosseum in Rome – because of which, the Road of Cross prayer of the Polish National Pilgrimage could not take place –is insulting and profanes the Christian values. The Holy Father emphasized that the Church considers homosexuality contradictory with the nature law. After this statement of the Pope, a claim was submitted to procurators in Amsterdam by the Dutch gays who accused John Paul II of discriminating statements about them.

Polish homosexuals, who wanted only their acceptance a few years ago, now demand legal contracting marriages by them, and in a near future also adoption of children. It is proved, among the others, by marches of equalities, meetings full of scandalous scenes, furious yelling, commotion around freedom, which, on the one hand are an invasion of political utopia in order to create a society without moral barriers, and on the other hand – an attempt of social destabilization steered by the leftists and liberals.

‘I do not reject the cross but I remain with the crucified Lord in a new way’ – said Benedict XVI on 26 February this year. Let’s pray for the light of the Holy Spirit for cardinals who are electing a new pope.


"Niedziela" 11/2013

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